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Become a Patron!

what next?

Our success to this point has been made possible through generous donations of time and money by people who have a passion for what we are trying to achieve. 

Both of our founding editors believe in the power of literature and its instrumental force to evoke agency in the reader to bring about change in the contingent world; to bring and spread joy; to provide a cathartic release and offer an escape. 

However, to continue our growth and to firmly establish ourselves both in our local community and the wider artist community we will require some help and further backing.

We’re offering you, our readers and supporters, the opportunity to back our journal so we can continue to share high quality art with those who need it most, you! This is your chance to back us with a monthly donation as big or as small as you can afford on a recurring monthly basis. Your backing will go a long way to helping us achieve that.

our goal?

We are looking to raise £250/month. This money will cover the running costs of our journal’s design and printing costs. This will also allow us to publish chapbooks of emerging and established artists as we continue to grow our brand. Further, we will be able to explore hosting community arts projects and reward our contributors who have made this project what it is today and afforded us the opportunity to continue.

Head to our Patreon page and check out the levels of membership!

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