Playdate by Eliot North


Eliot North is a writer, doctor and educator who lives and works between the North East of the UK and Valencia, Spain. She won the EuroStemCell Imaginative Non-Fiction Poetry Competition in 2013 and was commended for the

Hippocrates Poetry Prize 2014. Eliot was also commended for the National Poetry Competition 2014 with her poem The Crab Man, which she made into a Filmpoem with artist and filmmaker Alastair Cook in 2015. She writes prose and poetry and has been published in: Firewords, Structo, Acumen, Black Bough, Dovecote, Re-side and Ink Sweat & Tears literary magazines. Her short story This Skin Doesn’t Fit Me Any More was also published in the Best British Short Stories 2017 by Salt Publishing.

Twitter: @eliot_north

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