Response to Covid-19: A Statement

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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone and everything. Both Alan and I at The Broken Spine are no different. As individuals we have lost work and are finding 2020 a particularly tough year financially. Therefore we are having to adapt with the times and find new ways of approaching the magazine.

Our ethos at the outset was very clear. We did NOT want to charge submission fees, did NOT want to charge contributors for print copies of the magazine, and did NOT want to charge contributors for postage. Not being in a position to pay contributors, we wanted to maintain this reward for great writing at the very least. We managed to fund that venture for issue #1, sending magazines as far and wide as New Zealand, Australia, Canada, US, Africa, Asia and many parts of Europe. Our contributors were delighted to receive such a high quality production, and both Alan and I were very proud of the first edition of The Broken Spine Artist Collective.

As a result of the pandemic we have lost funding that we were relying on to fund issue #2. We are still absolutely dedicated to providing ALL contributors to the magazine with a free copy of the issue – this will never change. We are, however, having to make the following changes to try and accrue funds to cover costs and continue to establish ourselves as a multi-voiced, all inclusive, emerging magazine of repute:

  • Contributors will be offered an opportunity (purely voluntary, and certainly not expected) to contribute to postage costs for their free contributor copy. Postage outside the UK can often be as expensive as £6/$8, particularly to the far flung destinations!
  • We will be offering a pre-sale of the print edition, before we actually send the print run, so that we can budget for an exact amount of copies. If you would like to support our magazine this is a wonderful way to help us.
  • After the initial print run, we will only be offering digital editions of the magazine, available for the small cost of £2/$3 – another great way to support us!
  • Print copies of Alan Parry’s Neon Ghosts will be available at £3.99/$5.15 plus postage and packaging; while digital editions will be priced at £2/$3

  • Buy us a coffee to show your support! Many have already, and we are extremely grateful.

We are adapting to the times as best we can, as many literary magazines are trying to do. We are determined to survive these uncertain times and continue to represent our local community, and the international world of writers with the best of intentions.

We are a NON-PROFIT publication.

Thank you from co-founding editors Paul Robert Mullen and Alan Parry.

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