Broken Spine Inspirational Playlist

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The Broken Spine family is made up of poets, illustrators, photographers, painters and musicians. We are all, to some degree inspired, by one thing or another.

It might be a painting; a snippet of conversation; a fleeting encounter; a distant memory; or a song that causes the muse to strike. With this in mind, editor Alan Parry has been collating your favourite pieces of inspirational music. This is an eclectic, and by no means exhaustive list of songs. Dip your toe in for some classic jazz, canon rock, indie, soul or something else.

At The Broken Spine, we are always open to suggestions of new music, especially that which has stimulated creativity. For this reason, this playlist will remain a work in progress.

Thank you to all those who have put their head above the parapet thus far – they will attest to the fact that there are no judgements here. We ask that you simply share with us whatever it was that caused you to pick up that pen, or sit at your workstation.

Leave a suggestion in the comments!

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