A Christmas Gift for You


As a result of COVID-19, businesses around the world have suffered, and consequently livelihoods have been lost, budgets have decreased and disposable income has become something of a fantasy. We at The Broken Spine are no different form the millions around the world, we stand with you.

That said, we are a small, independent press, and we have done everything within our power to ensure that we have been able to continue publishing striking artwork. Indeed, this month we successfully published our third title, the Artist Collective: Second Edition. This is the second title we have been able to release during the global pandemic and we are working tirelessly to ensure that the third edition production will not be impacted.

However, we have had to find creative solutions to the problems we have faced. Initially, we invited artists to contribute to the postage costs of their otherwise free copies – we refused to make this an obligation and the response was overwhelming. Seemingly artists just want to receive high-quality print editions of the publication they feature in, and they are willing to support an independent press like ourselves to make that happen. We are so grateful.

The second concession, for want of a better word, that we had to make was that we would not be in a position to hold stock of print editions of the Artist Collective: Second Edition. This we found particularly disheartening. We wanted to be in a position to be able to provide copies of our publications to new customers, who had not encountered our press prior to the deadline for orders we were forced to put in place. However, over the summer, the amazing Uncle Social gave us his time and attention and built us a brand-new website, which changed the game for us.

We now have a proper shop – go and check it out when you are finished reading here! As a result, we were suddenly in a position to begin to make our back catalogue available for digital orders. We began by releasing the Artist Collective: First Edition (with a revised front cover), and Alan Parry’s debut chapbook Neon Ghosts, and these were successful. Previously, we had given folk the option to buy us a coffee in support of our endeavours, whereas now you can get something tangible to accompany that warm fuzzy feeling you were getting.

This brings me to my point, as you will see on our shop, we have now made available all of our back catalogue in a variety of digital bundles, at rock bottom prices, thereby making your path to supporting us that much easier in such a climate as this. Our intention is never to take from you, our contributors, and supporters. Rather, we want to find new ways of giving you the finest Broken Spine experience and products we can, and we hope this goes some way to doing just that!

Merry Christmas.

The Editors.

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