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Hey guys! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Jay, I’m a poet and a bad pool player. Recently Alan and Paul approached me and asked if I would be interested in taking on some roles at The Broken Spine and well, you can guess from this post what my answer was.

Today I have the privilege to introduce a new social platform for the Broken Spine fam, to let talented creators, like yourselves, interact with one another with more than 280 characters. This month we are launching the Broken Spine Discord server, more intimate than Twitter, less Orwellian than Facebook and with so many new features that we are dying to show off. This platform allows us to interact with you more directly in several ways, including poetry readings, workshops and uplifting our community members.

At the moment we have several channels (fancy terminology for group chats) for multiple purposes. Of course, there’s the Introductions channel for new members to introduce themselves, their work, their style, etc. and a General channel to share day to day goings on, pictures of pets, whatever you guys can think of to talk about. Beyond that the channels are more narrowed in their scope. Firstly, we have Poetry Workshop and Flash Workshop channels for you to share your works-in-progress and receive feedback from other writers in the community on style, voice, presentation or maybe even just a typo you may have missed. Think of these channels as beta test audiences. Its a positive space to showcase your work to a likeminded group, to be challenged and receive outside perspective. It is not a place for negativity for negativity’s sake. Please do use a trigger warning disclaimer if your work features distressing or sexually explicit imagery. Likewise, (and this should really go without saying) plagiarism of any work featured in these spaces will result in an automatic ban from the Discord community and the Broken Spine team will work with the original artist to make sure they receive the credit they deserve. It’s very simple; Don’t be an arsehole and we won’t have a problem.

Secondly, there’s the Art and Photography channel, which works a lot like the poetry and flash channels but with a bit less criticism. Finally, there is the promo channels, Your Publications and Open Subs. The prior is a place to share your achievements and published work with our community. Whether it be a chapbook or a painting you’ve just sold we want to hear about it and congratulate you. The Broken Spine community should uplift and support each other, and that is exactly what this channel is for! On the other hand, Open Subs is a place to share opportunities for publication with more journals in the wider artistic community. Share those links to your heart’s content!

I hope you guys have as much fun on the Discord as I did setting it up. You can find the link on the Broken Spine website and twitter. We hope to see you soon!

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