World Bee Day by Michael Black – Selected Flash Fiction


Michael Black did an undergraduate degree in English at the University of Dundee, followed by an MLITT in Modernist art at the University of Glasgow, where he is now finishing a PhD.

Understand, we hoped scientific researchers would not teach bees how to locate viruses. Bees do not care to report because they worry for world. Consider ‘worker bee’ is a phrase that got into metonymy, being now both metaphor and example of excess labour. I am sad we are holding bees out to pasture. Bees are not homing, nor are they ours. Unlike pigeons, they make. If bees live with us, which they will, they shall deliver unto us hives and honey. Poets and scientists agree, bees have structural conditions just as we do. Above my local beehive someone placed a sign. It has not been taken down. It says: ‘our technology of exploitation of the natural world remains fucked.’ Apologies for strong language. Please respect bees.

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