‘Holy Things’ by Jay Rafferty

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Place your order now for the latest chapbook release from The Broken Spine. Jay Rafferty’s debut poetry collection is a response to growing up Catholic in Northern Ireland, falling in love, and devleoping his own mind.

Jay Rafferty is an Irishman, an eejit and the Poetry Editor for Sage Cigarettes magazine. You can read his work in the Alcala Review, 3 Moon Mag, Dodging the Rain, Gravitas, Daily Drunk Mag, Capsule Stories and in The Broken Spine Artist Collective..

Jay has been a featured writer in our Artist Collective: Third Edition and has several blog posts published on this site.

Here is some advanced praise for this upcoming collection:

“Holy Things is an irreverent exposition of the interconnection of the Holy and our most base natures. Rafferty peels back the pristine cover of the religious to reveal the dirt caked to its roots, giving us waves of insolent humour peppered with moments of sobering clarity hidden under cheeky imagery. This book is fun, flippant, and utterly revealing. Jay lays the church bare in front of us, naked and sweating, and shows us that, under the robes and scriptures and sacraments, we are the holiest of things and Heaven is just as filthy as our most damned souls.” – Perry Gasteiger, author of Meditations for the Dead and Dying.

“Holy Things is a poetry collection about love, sex, divinity, and the visceral experiences that formulate our human condition. In this collection, Jay Rafferty writes with a simple self-awareness that allows a reader to accept the dirty work and laugh at life’s inexplicable moments. Holy Things is appropriately confessional; the poems are corporeal, gritty, and intimately funny, but also reflective, human, and filled with love. Whether you pray to a god of sanctity or sin, Rafferty’s poems invite everyone to recognize their place in something sacred.” – Mel Sherrer, Poet, Author of “Queer Fantasy ‘95” in Sage Cigarettes Magazine

“Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Jay Who?
Jay Rafftery, you numbskull and you better put some respect on his name, dammit. That’s who!
Because Holy Things is everything you want in a poetry collection. It’s the equivalent of ordering your favorite takeout and staying in on a Friday. It’s binge watching The Office for the 20th time. It’s dancing in the moonlight with your crush. It’s finding money in your pocket. Holy Things is perfect. And that’s a fact.” – Shawn Berman, Author of Mr. Funnyman & EIC of The Daily Drunk

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