Introducing Cult Vault Ten


Cult Vault Ten is the eclectic and entertaining music podcast presented by The Broken Spine Artist Collective co-founder and co-editor, Paul Robert Mullen

Centered around Paul’s obsession with cult music, the show takes you on a journey through the generations, spanning almost every type of musical genre you can think of. The show will introduce you to cult records you’ve never heard before, dig up those you’ve long forgotten, and introduce you to brilliant local, unsigned and emerging artists that need to be heard.

From legends like The Beatles and Rolling Stones to those writing and recording tunes in their bedrooms, the show is there to provide a platform for all forms of music at all levels. A keen record collector himself, Paul hopes to inspire you to get out to your local record stores and invest in artists that you enjoy on the Cult Vault Ten episodes – maybe buy the vinyl or CD releases. At the very least, he hopes you’ll find some amazing new additions for your playlists.

Each Cult Vault Ten episode features ten tracks from the ages, including at least one local, unsigned and emerging artist for your perusal. Each Series features ten episodes, and are released on a Sunday evening. All you have to do is set up a Mixcloud account with your email, follow the show, (totally free and without catches) and you’ll be notified when each episode drops. It’ll provide perfect background listening as you work, read, relax or nod off in bed at night!

The latest addition to our Broken Spine brand, this podcast will kickstart a whole host of music related content on the site, including live gig reviews, album reviews and interviews.

Find links to the opening series below; links to new episodes will drop weekly.

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