Poetry & Prose Chapbook (P)Review Submissions


This summer, we began to review music, new releases and live events. What became almost immediately apparent is that by comparison emerging music artists are much more proactive in getting their work out there. We want to read and review poetry and short collections of prose, but have found that often independent authors and presses (we include ourselves in this) are not as forward in getting their work read and reviewed.  

The Broken Spine is committed to lifting other writers and presses. One of the major ways that we can do this is by reading and reviewing the work of independent writers and presses. Therefore, we are attempting to make the process easier for you all. If you are an editor or an author and want to see your book reviewed by a member of our team, then complete this form.

The form is an attempt to make the submission of work to us smoother, so it gives us everything we need to (p)review your upcoming or recently published work. Broken Spine Arts defines a chapbook as a short collection of no more than thirty poems, or forty pages of prose. For anything more substantial, please contact us by email.

Our article will be honest and may be undertaken by one of a team of readers. The review itself may feature in a variety of different forms, these are concise, brief reviews that may appear on our site and Instagram; quick video reviews which will appear on YouTube; or longer written pieces that will feature on our website. All pieces will be shared regularly across our social media channels.

Your response MUST include ONE .pdf of poetry/prose (hard copies of books are accepted in addition to the digital copies – this is a nice thank you we can give to our reviewers); a .jpg of the book cover; a link to where it is available to (pre)order; links to the socials of the author and publishing press; other advanced praise quotes (if you have them); a third person author bio of no more than fifty words; a link to a YouTube video or SoundCloud audio release of you )the author) reading a single poem/extract from the collection submitted for review –  if you have one); a synopsis or brief description of the text. Ensure all files submitted are clearly titled with the name of the author /

We aim to respond in a timely manner, but we are all professionals and our (p)reviews team do it purely for the love of it. If you have a release date for an upcoming publication, please provide this where prompted and we will work to ensure that we meet this deadline.  

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