Single Release: Modern Woman, ‘Ford’


The thing about covering new music, is that I am so regularly introduced to bands I hadn’t previously heard of. It is both a privilege and a thrill. On that note, I was previously unfamiliar with Modern Woman, but this single, Ford (End of the Road Records) is an instant hit with me, and immediately made its way onto several playlists of mine after first listen.

Bandcamp suggests that the band ‘meld proggy folk-rock and wiry post-punk into an adventurous and elastic sound’; and I can’t say I disagree. In a world where Kate Bush is enjoying a major resurgence – undoubtedly a reaction to featuring in Netflix hit Stranger Things – Modern Woman, (especially singer Sophie Harris) might find themselves flying in the Bush slipstream.

‘Ford has been one of the oldest songs in our repertoire’, says singer and guitarist Sophie Harris.’I wrote the bassline loop for it a long time ago, one day when I only had a bass to hand. I structured the song and added guitar and simple vocal. I wanted to give it a raw and slightly sinister feel to it. We can spend an incredibly long time working a song in our practise space before we ever play it live, so we wanted to make sure that energy resonated through the recording.’

She adds, ‘Lyrically, it is about a girl who borrows her brother’s Ford and drives it around. For Juan’s vocals towards the end of the song, I went with a William Burroughs-esque cut up technique and collected different car-related writings, chopped them up and reformed them.’

Based around the songwriting of Harris, Modern Woman are rounded off by Juan Brint-Gutierrez on bass, David Denyer of percussion, violin and samples and Adam Blackhurst on drums.

The band will be on the road with festival appearances including Latitude and End Of The Road, as well as a tour alongside Sub Pop’s TV Priest in the winter.

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