New Music: Sorry – Anywhere But Here


Next on your list of ones to watch this autumn are Londoners Sorry, who release their highly anticipated second LP, Anywhere But Here, on October 7th. Initially a project set up by two young best friends (vocalist Asha Lorenz and guitarist Louis O’Bryen), Sorry have thrillingly commandeered their corner of the industry in recent years, taking London by storm with their exhilarating sound. Following a 2017 demos collection and deal with the infamous Domino Records, they released their universally praised debut album, 925, (produced by none other than Lana Del Rey and Gorillaz collab legend James Dring) in 2020. 

The effortlessly cool experimental rock outfit haven’t let the events of the years following their debut album stop their stride, either. As UK festivals trundled back to life this summer and last, they’ve made their mark on names like Truck festival, Y Not festival and even Glastonbury this June, bringing out the big guns! If you missed these appearances, though, you can catch them on their tour dates this autumn/winter – Salford on November 1st, for any fellow northerners!

But, what can we expect from this next work? Doubtlessly more of what we already love of Sorry – that vampiric, mystical sound and strong vocals packaged in explosive, relatable songs that make you want to dance, jump and scream, simultaneously! Production this time round has been the brainchild of the band’s own O’Bryen and Lorenz, as well as Ali Chant and Portishead’s Adrian Utley, so we might see a marginally new take on the band’s sound, too. Asha Lorenz said “We approached the album differently from the first one, it was more of a live band process and the outcome has made it feel rawer and more sincere… we think! We wanted every song to have its own gravity but also have little snippets, or lyrical patterns that repeat, grow – metamorphosis. Everyone started to feel a bit alien in the last couple years with all that’s happened. It’s kind of weird being from London, growing up here, like anyone who’s been in the same place for ages. How all the landmarks, places, even people are the same, but it still feels different. I think we want things to change, or we think they will, but it kind of just happens again but in a different way. That sound is kind of the sound I imagine when you moan or cum or deep cry – it’s like rebirth. It’s the shedding of a skin!” 

In conjunction with their release announcement came single Let The Lights Out, which joins their tracklisting for Anywhere But Here, alongside the following other tracks: 

  1. Let The Lights On
  2. Tell Me
  3. Key To The City
  4. Willow Tree
  5. There’s So Many People That Want To Be Loved
  6. I Miss The Fool
  7. Step
  8. Closer
  9. Baltimore
  10. Hem of the Fray
  11. Quit While You’re Ahead
  12. Screaming In The Rain
  13. Again

It will certainly be exciting to see what this next album brings come October 7th, so, should you want to explore too, Anywhere But Here can be preordered from the band’s online store.. 

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