New Music: Enola, ‘Strange Comfort’


Melbourne-based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist ENOLA (they/them) shares new single Strange Comfort (Our Golden Friend) accompanied with a video directed by Triana Hernandez (Gordi, Romero, RVG). This comes ahead of their performance at BIGSOUND in Australia next month. 

Taking cues from the no-wave sounds of Joy Division and Suicide’s Alan Vega, the post-punk of IDLES and Fontaines D.C. underpinned by a background in electronic music production, ENOLA infuses hard hitting tracks with a stinging vulnerability, applying the salve to the self-inflicted wound. 

Strange Comfort is bursting with punk vitality, driven by fuzzy guitars and brusque vocals, motioning forward along a knife’s edge. Centered around the resounding line, ‘there’s a strange comfort in us all going through the same,’ it evokes an urgency of time running out. 

ENOLA says of the track, ‘There is a comfort in knowing that suffering can be a universal experience. We are alone, yet together in our aloneness.’

The single comes with a video that captures the knife edge feeling ENOLA gets from the song – a sense of forward movement and chaos met with surrealism/something of beauty. They say,’In the film I am not playing a role or character & I’m not playing myself as I am today. I am looking back at a past self and a time & place gone. A time of fearlessness, hopelessness & rebellion.’ 

Director Triana Hernandez, adds ’This video is inspired by various visceral memories from their teenage years. Rather than recreating the specific moments, we wanted it to feel like a dream state with snippets that tip toe around those memories. I reckon it was more important for us to focus on the feel of those flashbacks- feelings that oscillate between dark and soft, unhinged and light – and everything all at once with a strong lust for life vibe.’

Making music is where ENOLA puts their joy, their pain; where they can expose emotions and be served by them, not destroyed. ‘Whatever it is, I want to do it honestly. I don’t want to hide. You can’t connect when you’re not willing to be ugly and sweaty, I try to let go of any of that,’ they share.

Artwork: Sebi White

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