Code of Conduct: A Statement


In today’s socio-political climate, we believe that it is extremely important to reaffirm our ethos and position on inclusivity, diversity, and equality.

When we launched our press, in August 2019, we stated that we would never tolerate any form of racist, ageist, sexist, homophobic, or any sort of hateful, vengeful, or malicious content or conduct from our readers, contributors, or volunteers. This position has not waned, rather we have strengthened our beliefs.

We have worked tirelessly to engage with minority communities and artists to find ways to work together and to build relationships. It is something hugely important to us.

That said, we cannot possibly be accountable for the views and opinions of some of our past contributors which breach this position; these individuals must be accountable for their own actions and words.

Going forward, the following code of conduct will apply to all our contributors, and volunteers.

All connected with The Broken Spine must behave in a way that does not bring the press into disrepute, or face their work being removed from our publications, or having their relationship with ourselves ended.

All staff/contributors are expected to be actively anti-discriminatory. Indeed, all connected to The Broken Spine adhere to these high standards and values.

There is no place for misogyny, defamatory language, or hate-speech of any kind.    

We consider ourselves to be an upstanding independent press which has forged a reputation as a safe-space for all through safe-editing practises.

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