New Music: Arctic Monkeys


By Izzy Parker

An important moment for UK music- Reading festival saw the return of Arctic Monkeys to their home soil this summer. After an ambiguous silence from them in the last few years, this summer the Sheffield natives broke their touring hiatus, crashing into gigs again with several triumphant European dates this August, joined by Dublin’s stunning Inhaler. And, last week, in a typically abrupt, mysterious fashion, Arctic Monkeys announced the release of their latest album, The Car, due on October 21st this year. 

This will no doubt be news eagerly welcomed by many of the devout fans who Arctic Monkeys have recruited over the last couple of decades. The Car marks their seventh studio album, a follow-up from 2018’s Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino. The ten new songs have been produced by James Ford and recorded at studios in Suffolk, London and Paris, and we can certainly expect them to live up to the carefully woven genius of the previous six releases. In fact, I’d wager they already are! In clips shared on social media, the modern indie legends are seen debuting a new song from the album, I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am. Full of energy, groove and strength, and packed full of Turner’s fanciful, witty lyricism, the song strikes a definite resemblance to Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino in particular, establishing a clear direction for the band’s future.

The tracklisting for this new direction is as follows…

There’d Better Be A Mirrorball
I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am
Sculptures Of Anything Goes
Jet Skis On The Moat
Body Paint
The Car
Big Ideas
Hello You
Mr Schwartz
Perfect Sense

If The Car isn’t preordered yet, it should be! And can be here, or alternatively purchased in a local HMV or independent record store (in which case, you can be the owner of an exclusive custard colour LP, who wouldn’t want that?). Leading up to and following the album’s release, Arctic Monkeys will be touring the US, South America and Australia, with support slots from the likes of Father John Misty and Interpol. Perhaps we can expect a UK tour in coming years, as they reach their 20th anniversary? Talk about longevity! Not only have the four piece achieved a lasting career in this tumultuous industry, they’ve retained every bit of suavity, fascination and brightness they started out with, and I don’t doubt for a second that they will for years to come! 

Photo Credit: Zachary Michael

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