Broken Asides with David Walshe


When did you first feel like a writer?

Good question. I guess when you start to receive acceptances you begin to think however, seeing Sandy Tracks on the shelf in the Atkinson library was also a proud moment.

What’s the most interesting thing that has inspired your writing and what was the result?

Local history. I felt I was able to paint pictures with words through visualising my knowledge & research. The result: My book, Sandy Tracks.

Paint us a picture: what does your writing process look like? Do you write in coffee shops at night or only on an old type-writer?

I have different notebooks for all my writing. I will put down notes first for poetry then piece it together until it sounds right. For my local history blogs and books I have a set plan on numerous pieces of A4 paper, with associated research material close by. I set out what will feature in each chapter etc. It’s all done from my kitchen table, looking out over the garden and the trees of the stray in the background.

Describe your ideal reader: who would your work speak to?

Anyone interested in the local history of Southport I hope would like my work. I’ve had lots of positive comments sent my way which is good!

Who’s an author you’ve changed your mind about and why?

To be honest, I haven’t really changed my mind about anyone.

If you could interview any other writer/artist, who would it be and why?

P.J. Smith aka ‘Roy’. I absolutely love his book, Algorithm Party.

What motivates you to keep writing?

I’ll keep writing because I’ve finally found something I really enjoy! My work life balance at present works well with it. I’m currently working on two books/booklets, and have many more planned!

How do you deal with writer’s block or being overwhelmed by the writing process?

I find exercise helps clear the mind. I plan a lot too which also helps.

Where would you like to see yourself in a decade? A creative writing teacher? As a best-seller?

Within the next decade I’d like to have 3/4 local history books published and a second volume of Sandy Tracks, featuring other poets too.

What has your work taught you about yourself?

That I’m good at researching and also working to set guidelines…And that I love writing of course!

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