Beatenburg, M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool: A Review & Interview


Beatenberg, a trio of up and coming, super talented musicians who originate from Cape Town, South Africa were overjoyed to be supporting George Ezra on his first UK Arena tour.

The three members of the band: Matthew Field  (vocals and guitar), Robin Brink (drums) and Ross Dorkin (bass and keys) had never played to an arena before and were very well received by the 1400 thousand  -full to capacity- Liverpool audience.  Liverpool is synonymous with music and can show their appreciation or not, with any band that is billed to perform in their wonderfully prestigious and cultured city.   

Beatenberg’s sound which they like to describe as ‘upbeat funk’ made you long for the balmy summer sun as they whisked you away to a chilled out tropical location with a beach bar vibe. For the older audience members, there were definite remnants of Billy Joel in their lyrics and melodies. 

Recently signed to the Universal Music label they are definitely one to watch as there is no doubt, they will shortly be performing as headliners on arena tours themselves.  

Set List: Scorpion Fish, Beauty Like A Tightened Bow,Chelsea Blakemore, Ode To the Berg Wind, Ithaca, the Lighthouse Of Alexandria, Cavendish Square, Camera and Aphrodite

Matt Field granted BrokenSpineArts an interview after their set.

TBS: Wow, what a show! How does it feel to be playing a full to capacity arena?

Matt: We were very lucky and excited to get a call just a little over a month ago, asking if we’d like to support George.  There was no ‘if’ about it, we jumped at the opportunity.

TBS: Is this the biggest audience you have ever played to?

Matt: By far, despite having a no1 hit for over seventeen weeks in South Africa, we have never played anything like this size.  It’s daunting and exciting at the same time.

TBS: You were well received by the crowd.  Does this give you confidence for your next arena gig?

Matt: Definitely. It’s exhilarating! Usually audiences start filtering in during the support act however they were already here (Matt visibly gulped) and ready to watch us.  Scary, so I hope we did well!

TBS: Who are your musical influences?

Matt: Beethoven because he is the best! His musical ability and talent is off the scale.

TBS: Who arranges your music and writes the lyrics?

Matt: We all have a go at the music and lyrics however I like to tinker around with the musical arrangements.

TBS: What is your ultimate musical goal?

Matt: Simply to make great music.  It’s fantastic to have the exposure on such a large scale as this and yes, we want to be rich and famous but the quality of what we produce is what’s most important to us.

TBS: Is there anything you would like your new fans to know?

Matt: Follow us on any of the social media platforms.  Come and see us on George’s first arena tour.  Download and listen to our music.  Tell your family and friends about us and ultimately…enjoy!

TBS: Thanks so much for the interview and good luck with the rest of your tour.

Matt: Thanks for being so polite and charming, we’ll follow Broken Spine Arts on Twitter.

TBS: Of course.  Ha, tell your family and friends about us too and ultimately…enjoy!

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