China Crisis – Liverpool Philharmonic: A Review & Interview


Two young lads from Kirby had a dream to make music that the masses could appreciate. They did it as they now have forty years in the music industry to their credit.

The actual band consists of the original members, Garry Daly (vocals and keys) and Eddie Lundon (guitar) however they have other musicians who play alongside them.  Their current 27 date tour of the UK and during Oct – Dec, Australia and New Zealand includes, Jack Hymers who takes over on keys with the added role of being the creative director who adapts and updates their musical arrangements in addition to, a fluid fourth member who usually picks up lead guitar or other instruments that are needed. 

China Crisis proved their versatility and current relevance by embarking on the current 80s revival with their predominantly, new romantic and pop funk sound.  The 80s resurgence amongst music lovers  – that never really went away – enabled old and new younger fans of the band to revisit their love and joy for the band’s older hits and hear their new music.  

The timeless classics of Black Man Ray, Wishful Thinking and King In A Catholic Style rolled back the years transporting us to a more carefree time.  The band received a rapturous reception to these songs and other new material that had the acoustically perfect Philharmonic Hall audience dancing in the isles.

Daly constantly interacted with the audience, giving funny one-liners, lots down to earth chat and commented in particular, on the average demographics of their audiences and how their riders now state: that the heating needs to be turned down for the menopausal women, and seats must be available for men, who north of their fifties now have knee problems like themselves.  

Despite their ages their performance was top class and ultimately professional!

Set list: Christian, The Soul Awakening, Arizona Sky, Secrets, Balck Man Ray, Wishful thinking and King In A Catholic Style.

Jack Hymers, an amazingly handsome man with piercing blue eyes, a dead ringer for Jack Whitehall, granted a short interview to Broken Spine Arts as he came off stage. 

BSA: Hi Jack, many thanks for the interview.

JH:    No problem, where are you from?

BSA: We are an online arts reviewer covering all aspects of the arts with a growing    

         audience.Would you like to give us a follow on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook?

JH:    Sure will.

BSA: How long have you been with the band and what is your role?

JH:   About nine years.  I mainly play keys however I can play other instruments when  


         I’m also the musical and creative director for the band.  

BSA: What does this entail as fans probably don’t want the class tracks changed?

JH:   That’s right they don’t, however during the bridge or interlude we can add some  

         variations or extend the tracks for gig performances, especially when we encouraging the 

         audience to participate.  It’s exciting but it needs careful managing to not change things 

         too much. We do embellish the sound of certain instruments to give it a fresh feel.

         With the new music that the guys are writing, i try to have arrangements that will appeal to a  

         younger audience with moving away too far from their sound. 

BSA: There’s a lot of pressure on tour creative directors, who and what influences you?

JH:    I mainly love listening to Jazz and Gospel sounds.  However I have a wide taste in 

          music so I take inspiration from anywhere really.  I like drums and synthesised sounds 


BSA: How does it feel to be back gigging following Covid?

JH:    Fantastic!  We are on tour for the next few months all over the UK before heading off to 

         Australia and New Zealand.  Definitely exciting times ahead.  I think everybody just 

         needs to get back to doing what makes them happy.  For us it’s performing and for the 

        audiences it’s live concerts and other events. 

BSA: Thank you so much Jack for the interview.  Your performance on stage was fabulous.  

         Would you like to be tagged into BSAs interview?JH:   Yes please, no-one ever offers that, I’ll give you a follow now.  

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