Kim Wilde, Liverpool Philharmonic: A Review & Interview


Kim, the well spoken, unashamedly glamorous and raunchy 80s pop princess took the acoustically perfect Philharmonic Hall audience by storm on a rainy Sunday night.  The full to capacity auditorium danced the night away as Kim and her highly energised and supremely talented band, entertained with hit after hit from her impressive back catalogue. 

Celebrating forty successful years in the music industry, Kim Wilde (62), who continues to maintain her record for the most-charted British female solo act of the 1980s embraced the 80s revival with her current Greatest Hits Tour plus, songs from her new album Pop Don’t Stop.

Kim, looking sultry and seductive (just with a few well hidden wrinkles) as she did in her ‘heyday’ proved she still ‘had it’ and could compete, perform and entertain with the younger stars of today. As a solo artistic icon of the 80s, who achieved a meteoric rise in popularity following her debut single Kids In America (written by her father and brother Marty and Ricky Wilde) topping the UK singles Chart in 1983, was back with vengeance to reclaim her crown. However it must be highlighted that Ricky, her unassuming and equally well spoken  brother, is indisputably the real talent behind Kim’s success.  Ricky writes and musically arranges the songs. 

Kim still not only sounds good but also looks (trademark –  red lipstick)and remains relevant with her black and red velvet basque, the current trend on the high street, combined with her black leather trousers, high heeled black boots staged her poses for the baying and loudly whooping audience.I think my husband genuinely was… the loudest!    

In an interview after the show, which Kim failed to make an appearance for, Ricky was polite and friendly and explained he already had a myriad of songs that are being finalised along with new ones he will write once this tour ends in November.  Kim will then record between Dec – Feb and the new album will be ready for release in late spring/early summer.

Despite being tired, hungry and wanting to tuck into the plethora of sweet and savoury goodies that lay unashamedly strewn on the table of their dressing room, Ricky patiently chatted making my husband, Martin and I feel at ease and welcome. He was not like like the feisty rock-pop persona he portrayed on stage, with his T’shirt emblazoned Let’s go F**kin Wilde (I certainly appreciated his play on words using his surname) no… he was gentle, polite and professional. He was interested to hear about Broken Spine Arts what we cover and how it started.  He introduced to us the band and was stressing the love he has for travelling with such a talented bunch, who he now considers his family.  There was no airs and graces, the band and Ricky were simply down to earth decent people.  Ricky explained that apart from his daughter and a new drummer, Emily the band had been together for twenty years.This possibly explains why they genuinely seemed to be having so much fun on stage.  They were dancing  – well high kicking – synchronised, moving to other sides of the stage without looking around and making sure leads and cables weren’t getting tangled.  All this because they are clearly used to performing with each other, know each other’s stage space and what movements any of them are going to punctuate the lyrics of songs with, at any given time.

Ricky’s talent also extends to other members of his family,  His amazingly energetic daughter Scarlett Wilde, who along with one of the super talented drummers, Emily, stole the show with all eyes on them from start to finish. Sorry Kim!

Scarlett, who tucked into a Byrani curry during our meeting, was as polite and welcoming as her talented dad.  I did impress upon her that she should really consider being a front woman or solo artist herself! Scarlett appeared bashful by this remark however she oozed an energy and raw sex appeal that audiences in 2020s have come to expect.  She is the female version of youngblood!  What is there not to like?  

The band consisting of: Lead guitar – Neil Jones, drummers – Johnny and Emily, bass – Coops, keys – Stevie P, backing vocals – Scarlett Wilde and bass guitar – Ricky Wilde all wore matching red and black outfit to complement Kim.. I wasn’t too sure why one band member was dressed, complete with a mask, as Dennis the Menace.  Perhaps it was an inside joke or he has a penchant for the naughty cartoon character?

The unassuming veteran of pop, fresh from touring the UK and delighting the audiences (especially my husband and other men now north of their 50s) at the UKs retro festivals, Lets Rock and REWIND is.. a must see.  She needs to be on everyone’s bucket list of concerts to enjoy before you die!

Set List:

Rage to Love, Stranger, Million Miles Away, Can’t Get Enough, If I Can’t Have You, The Touch, Second Time & Pop Music,Kandy Krush, Birthday, Water On Glass, Perfect Girl, Love Is Holy, Natural Way, Four Letter Word, Cambodia, View From A Bridge, Chequered Love, Hangin’ On,


Pop Don’t Stop, You Came and Kids In America.

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