Ma Bessie and Her Blues Troupe – Philharmonic, Liverpool


Buxom Bessie ’Blues’ Smith who developed the nickname ‘Empress of the Blues’, and later Ma Bessie was the most popular female blues singer of the 1920s/30s. She is often regarded as one of the greatest performers of her era and was a major influence on other jazz singers.

Julia Tius brings the role of Ma Bessie to life via a narrated performance. The accompanying and multi-talented band takes on the role of the Blues Troupe.   

The show chronicles Bessie’s life from a one-room shack in Blue Goose Hollow, to becoming the highest-paid black entertainer of that time, to the tragic accident on Route 61  in September 1937 that ended her life aged 43 years.perform 

This permanence has a highly enviable score which showcases many of Bessie’s songs as they perform a myriad of blues songs and feature music such as ‘Alexander’s Ragtime Band’ and ‘Ain’t Nobody’s Business’. 

Lovers of blues and performing artists know that there are not many singers around with Bessie’s style and certainly few in this country. An exception to this is, the larger than life and hugely talented Julia Titus. Titus, a singer songwriter born in England to a Jamaican father and English mother can sing and perform a variety of genres…exceptionally well, including: Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Gospel, and Rock. 

Book your tickets early for this one night only performance, in the acoustically perfect Philharmonic Hall: a show that is not to be missed!

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