#Review: Disney’s The Lion King, Palace Theatre, Manchester


What a spectacular carnival of colour Disney’s The Lion King truly was on a cold autumn night in rainy Manchester.  The weather outside might have been dull however inside the theatre the atmosphere was electric! 

A show for all ages.  A show with a narrative that young and old can identify with.  A show that exceeds expectations from the minute it starts until the end.  

From the costumes to the outstanding set designs; the make-up; the quality of the actors, this was a show that magically entertained from start to finish. This show is in a class of its own as there are not many shows that leave you memorised and entertained simultaneously whilst  provoking emotions at both ends of the scales.  

The show opens and ends with animals from the Serengeti parading through the theatre stalls making their way to Pride Rock to greet and celebrate the arrival of Simba.  The costume design is intricate and well thought out to allow the audience to quickly forget that these animals are actually people.  The choreography captured each and every animal’s walk, strut and idiosyncratic mannerisms, to perfection.   We are not talking small savannah animals here, we are talking: elephants, gliffaes, hyenas, antelopes, zebras alongside, doves, buzzards and colourful parrots.

The narrative follows the film however the score contains some wonderful surprises, especially when the comedy characters of Timone and Pumba are on stage.  

Ingenious puppetry along with stunning effects and elaborate backdrops truly transport you to the heart of the African Pridelands.

I could go on in raptures regarding this show however it would give away too many spoilers.  All I will say is that you will not be disappointed.  A little tip though, ensure you sit in the stalls and not the circle to truly appreciate this magical experience.

Tickets are still available at theatre venues throughout the UK.  This is a once in a lifetime show and definitely a performance not to be missed!

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