#Review: Fem De La Femme, Liverpool Everyman


Fem De La Femme, – 24th November 2022

Fem De La Femme is an all-female comedy night held once a month in the Everyman theatre, Liverpool. The idea for the sold-out event was the brainchild of the brilliant Claire Berry, who was most disturbed that not everyone understands that it is a play on words for “crème de la crème”. She was our host for the evening providing funny stories about singing made up songs to your children and giving warm introductions to each act.

First up was the very funny Hannah Byczkowski who talked about the pain of being over thirty, wearing American University hoodies and being a nanny in order to meet hot dads.

Vicki Noonan recited a couple of comic poems about being common as muck and the perils of bra shopping which made every woman wince and laugh simultaneously.

Lorraine Hoodless used her dry humour to tell us about her ex who thought he was an animal in an earlier life, the expense and embarrassment of freezing her eggs and the tactlessness of her three-year-old niece.

One of the newcomers for the evening, the superb Mary Cross, kept the crowd laughing with her observations about her mum who is permanently disappointed in her, being judged during gay camping events and how to answer the question all gay mums get asked.

Joanne Sarginson shared about being shy and living with sensitivity to sugar, her emotional anxiety and the very funny and true story of running a half marathon in Canada by accident.

Natasha Tingle our second poet brought a funny poem about Black Friday in B&Q and the story of her teenager in his lair which all the parents in the room could relate to.

Sarah Johnston-Hale our other newbie, made us laugh with her tales of being a gay mum and trying to find a suitable sperm donor. Her banter with the audience was clever and funny, adding so much to her set.

Jenny Hart our headline act, used both words and music to make us laugh until we cried. She was totally hysterical and not afraid to take us to the edge of darkness with her humour. Her stories of coming out and her one-line songs were stunning and cleverly written.

We had the delightful Maggie Patino entertaining us with her beautiful singing in between acts and a raffle for RASA Merseyside who provide counselling support for children and adults subjected to abuse.

It was a novelty to be in a room with a predominantly female audience, there was no aggression or heckling and the energy was incredible. Each act brought their own unique humour and the crowd loved them. The whole evening was a glorious celebration of women and left me with an aching face and stomach from so much laughing. If you fancy a great night’s entertainment, then don’t miss any more of these excellent events.

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