#SingleReview: Paul Robert Mullen, ‘I Think I Might Be in Love’


Paul Robert Mullen is a poet, musician, lecturer, traveller and sociable loner from Southport. His poetry has been widely published in a variety of literary journals, magazines and e-zines. Paul has spent a decade gradually moving around the world, having lived and worked in the UK, Australia, China and Spain.

This single, “I Think I Might Be In Love” is from Paul’s forthcoming album “Love & Misadventure” due 2023 on all platforms and vinyl.

The song starts well with a strong riff that leads us into the main rhythm of the song. It has a rock and roll, retro feel which reminds me of American pop-country from the 1980s with some ‘70s Stax soul for the instrumentation. Think horn stabs, Hammond organ, saxophone, clean guitar and delicious vocal harmonies for the chorus section. There is a powerful driving rhythm that you have to tap your feet along to, the horn section provides dynamics and punctuates the melody. We are also treated to an excellent saxophone solo and a slick guitar solo as part of the song.

The lyrics remind me of Bob Dylan’s protest songs with strong visual images being described. For example: “Love and misadventure travels hand in hand”, “Days run away and the years stack up”. The hook for the chorus leads you in, “Hey, just when you think you’re so tough, Hey, I think I might be in love.”

The production again reminds me of the ‘70s and ‘80s production sounds; warm and encompassing, crisp and clean drums, highlights on the brass section. It is easy on the ear and makes you want to listen to more.

I really enjoyed the single and can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

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