Introducing Liverpool Artist – Python


Any local music fans searching for a new year music or genre discovery should keep an eye on Python, who releases his debut album at the end of this month, and this week shares new single, Stay. Taking inspiration from the likes of Oneohtrix Point Never and Sweet Trip, Python is an experimental breath of fresh air, bringing something new to the table, and is certainly not to be missed.

Liverpool artist and student Flynn Armstrong began releasing music under the moniker Python in 2021. His debut EP, Heaven’s Gate, which acted as Python’s first outing under the new name, boasts six intricately woven tracks showcasing the diversity of Python’s musicality, from the bouncy Blue Screams to the thematic and haunting The Numbers At Heaven’s Gate. The EP was noted for its exploration of deeply profound themes, including lost futures and religion. 

Since his debut in 2021, Python has released a couple of singles delving into similar themes; Love And Death in September of the same year, and How To Discorporate in early 2022. And in early 2023, following a bit of a hiatus from releasing music, Python brought out new music in the form of Iphone 10000, followed by a single this week called Stay

Stay is a new direction for Python, as he delves further into themes and ideas. This latest single samples the 1991 Jodeci song of the same name, and is a really thrilling listen. Python articulately explores the idea of hauntology- a feature developed in the 2000s, used primarily by British electronic musicians and aiming to evoke cultural memory- the track surely encases this idea well, as it feels like a journey for the listener. Listening with an untrained approach, elements reminiscent of fifties to eighties tunes can be picked out. The track feels like it comes in waves, it rises and falls really nicely. Yet, though there’s a lot going on, it still feels really cohesive. 

Due for release on February 3rd is Python’s debut album, Physical Format Is Still Alive. Doubtlessly we can expect to hear much of all that’s good about Python’s material so far, as well as some new gems! Stay can be heard here, and the tracklisting for Physical Format Is Still Alive found below. 

This goes deep

Body bag

Dog hands


Iphone 10000


The future will survive

I died, lived again and fell in love 


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