#Preview: The Comedy of Errors, Shakespeare North Playhouse, Liverpool


Calling all thespians and lovers of the bard!

It has been with eager anticipation that the new Shakespeare North Playhouse has been completed and has finally opened its doors in Prescot.  Northerners no longer have to travel to Stratford to see their favourite plays, written by William Shakespeare, performed by highly acclaimed actors.

If you are looking to be highly entertained and are in a quandary for what to buy that ‘special person in your life’ for Valentine’s Day then consider buying tickets for Shakespeare’s most bonkers farce which is brought to life in the eighties. 

Expect mistaken identity, theatrical chaos and belting musical numbers.

Two rival states. Two sets of mismatched twins. One nutty day at the seaside.

An actor from Lancashire arrives in a Yorkshire coastal town to perform his ‘magnificent’ one man show. Trouble is, there’s no audience – everyone’s booked for a Talent Show across town starring the twin brother he’s never met.

His twin brother owes money all over town, has promised his wife a gold chain and is banking on winning the talent show to avoid getting in trouble with some unsavoury characters…

Will the twins discover each other? Will they learn how they became separated? Will either show go on at all?

Tickets can be bought by contacting the Shakespeare North Playhouse on 0151 433 7156

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