We’re opening again for #FlashFiction submissions


We are looking for writers to submit ONE flash fiction piece of UP TO 500 WORDS (excluding title).

Although the definition of Flash Fiction is flexible, we see it as ‘a very short story’. Within this we accept pieces that bend form and blend poetic mechanisms into their work. As a general rule, if you feel that it’s fiction, then it probably is!

Selected pieces will be published on The Broken Spine website. Submissions are open April 1st – April 30th.

Please submit through the submission portal here.

There is no set theme for these pieces, we want to see a wide breadth of voices and subjects. We’re not looking for novels or vast plots condensed into a few hundred words, but a fiction peice that revels in its brevity.

For a taste of what we like, check our previously published pieces here:
Butterfly – H. L. Dixon
The Gold Wrapped Parcel – Emma Lee
Extreme Sleeping – Edward Buckton
Wethers – Lindz McLeod
The Greatest Living Poet – Craig Hinds
War Stories – Alex Smith
The Wall – Daniel Hinds

We ask that you do not submit works that explicitly deal with SA/SV, or graphic depictions of: sexual acts, violence, suicide and/or self-harm.

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