#Review: Spear Of Destiny – Hangar 34


Spear of Destiny were absolutely magnificent from the moment they strutted onto the stage.

They were every inch the 90s British rock band who showed exactly why their music could entertain crowds in 2023. They had charisma, charm and undeniable talent!

This is a band used to playing sell out stadiums when they have supported U2 and Simple Minds.  They are seasoned professionals who know exactly how to play to the crowd.  Their music has transcended time and earned them a new fan base along the way. 

The confidence in their musical abilities combined with their impressive back catalogue had the full to capacity Hanger 34 crowd bouncing and moshing from the first guitar riff.  

The audience of mostly 40 year old plus, chanting back the lyrics to their songs which only served to heighten the already electric atmosphere. The extended version of Liberator really took the gig to new heights. It was disappointing though that they ran out of time to play their hit Mickey.  Much to the dismay of chanting fans that still called for the song to played whilst the roadies were packing up. 

This is a band who are currently the support for Big Country however will headline their own tour from May 2023 onwards. 

Judging by the applause they received, they did not need to use being a support as a lead and warm-up into their own tour as the audience were more than happy to see them back.

Check out the Spear Of Destiny website for venues they will be at near you.

Set List:

Rainmaker, Young men, Pilgrim, Liberator, Judas, The Wheel, Grapes of Wrath, Shine, Comeback, NTMA, World Service, I Can See.

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