#NewMusic: North Wales punk band NOGOOD BOYO to release new track ‘NOT MY KING’ in satirical ‘celebration’ of coronation


NoGood Boyo, the outspoken Welsh punk band that blends traditional instruments with genres such as rap, punk, nu-metal, and EDM, debuted their latest track ‘Not My King’ at the FOCUS Wales music event in Wrexham. The song, which features lyrics such as “Charlie spends a bomb putting crowns on his head, whilst the kids get fed from the food bank instead,” takes inspiration from organizations such as Republic, The Manic Street Preachers, and The Sex Pistols. The band’s lead singer, Beth, expressed her frustration with the inequalities in society, stating that it’s not about being anti-monarchy or anti-Tory, but about being pro-equality and pro-human rights.

NoGood Boyo, known for their “trash-trad” label, dress in boiler suits, sunglasses, and traditional Welsh hats, and have been praised for their unique sound, blending traditional Welsh language songs with ’90s rave and nu-metal. The band has never shied away from their political or social beliefs, incorporating speeches by Aneurin Bevan in the 1940s in their performances, and featuring Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru in the video for their track ‘One Day’.

‘Not My King’ will be available on all platforms from June 17th, which coincides with King Charles’ official birthday celebration.

You can catch them live here:

2 June                 Aberystwyth Fire In The Mountain Festival

18 June                Kent – Black Deer Festival

30 June               Southwell – Gate To Southwell Festival

14 July                 Stornoway Heb Celt 2023

16 July                 Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival

22 July                Dolgellau – Sesiwyn Fawr Dolgellau 2023

5 August             Wickham Festival

6 August             Compton Martin – Out Cider Festival

19 August            Ottery St Mary – Beautiful Days Festival

2 September     Moseley Folk & Arts Festival

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