ASIA Marks 40th Anniversary with the Reissue of ‘Phoenix’ – A Stunning Return to Form from the Rock Supergroup


ASIA, the legendary English rock sensation that burst onto the music scene in 1981, is gearing up to make a thunderous comeback that will leave fans of all ages exhilarated. Get ready for something truly special as ASIA unveils a remarkable release: a special edition of their acclaimed album, “Phoenix,” now available as a 2 vinyl LP set starting May 26th. Originally released in 2008, “Phoenix” marked a triumphant reunion for the band’s original lineup after an impressive quarter century apart.

Prepare to be swept away by the raw emotion and captivating soundscapes that define this highly anticipated comeback album. ASIA effortlessly picks up where they left off in 1985, delivering a seamless blend of intricate multi-part suites and infectious arena-sized hooks that will transport you back to the heyday of rock.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on ASIA’s early days, when their self-titled debut album from 1982 became a global sensation, soaring to the top of the charts in numerous countries. The infectious single, “Heat Of The Moment,” became an instant classic, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans worldwide, and solidifying ASIA as one of the most influential bands of their time.

“Phoenix” represents the second installment of the band’s critically acclaimed “reunion” releases, spanning from 2007 to 2012. Featuring the extraordinary talents of vocalist John Wetton (formerly of King Crimson), guitar virtuoso Steve Howe, keyboard maestro Geoff Downes (both from Yes), and the incomparable drumming skills of Carl Palmer (formerly of Emerson, Lake & Palmer), ASIA is a true powerhouse, embodying the legacy of their individual musical endeavors from the ’70s.

The album’s artwork, crafted by the renowned rock music artist Roger Dean, is a visual testament to the band’s enduring legacy and their commitment to creating a truly immersive and captivating experience for their fans.

Get ready to dive into the thrilling tracklisting of this special edition release, where each song takes you on a sonic journey like no other:

Side A:

  1. Never Again
  2. Nothing’s Forever
  3. Heroine

Side B:

  1. Sleeping Giant / No Way Back / Reprise
  2. Alibis
  3. I Will Remember You

Side C:

  1. Shadow Of A Doubt
  2. Parallel Worlds / Vortex / Déyà
  3. Wish I’d Known All Along

Side D:

  1. Orchard Of Mines
  2. Over And Over
  3. An Extraordinary Life

ASIA’s remarkable journey began by breaking away from their progressive roots and embracing the commercial FM rock sound that dominated the airwaves. Their explosive hit, “Heat Of The Moment,” propelled their eponymous debut album to unprecedented heights, reigning supreme atop the charts and solidifying ASIA as a force to be reckoned with. The band’s electrifying performances and sold-out world tours only further cemented their status as music icons.

After a period of individual pursuits, the band reunited in 2006 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their monumental success. This reunion sparked the creative fire that led to the release of “Phoenix,” reestablishing ASIA as a musical powerhouse and earning praise from devoted fans worldwide.

Get ready to embark on a new chapter of rock excellence as ASIA makes their long-awaited return with “Phoenix.” It’s a testament to their authentic sound and unwavering passion that continues to captivate audiences around the globe.

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