#NewMusic: Annie Keating Unleashes Her Edgy and Unforgettable Sound on “Hard Frost’


Annie Keating, the trailblazer of the contemporary Americana scene, is back with her latest album, “Hard Frost,” and she’s ready to rock your world. With a raw and authentic approach, Keating’s music resonates with the soul of a woman who knows that heartache is the price of hope. She effortlessly captures the essence of life’s ups and downs, making us believe that every moment is worth the cost.

Discovered by BBC Radio’s Bob Harris after the release of her breakthrough album, “Belmont,” in 2008, Keating has steadily built her reputation and stature in the industry. With ten studio albums and EPs under her belt, she has drawn comparisons to legendary artists like Lucinda Williams and John Prine, leaving a lasting impact on the Americana genre.

In 2021, Keating unveiled her eighth studio album, “Bristol County Tides,” a captivating musical journey that explored themes of love, loss, and finding meaning in uncertain times. Folk Radio UK hailed it as “personal and universal” and her finest hour yet. Now, with “Hard Frost,” Keating takes her artistry to new heights, showcasing her range and depth as a songwriter.

This album is a remarkable collaboration between Keating and the brilliant guitarist/producer Teddy Kumpel, who also produced her previous masterpiece, “Bristol County Tides.” From raucous rock anthems to tender acoustic storytelling, Keating’s artistry knows no bounds. Each track on “Hard Frost” stands on its own, displaying her versatility and captivating songwriting. The album even features a stunning co-write with songwriter Lynne Hanson (“Lies and Dynamite”) and a crackling cover of “So Lonely” by Sting (of the band The Police).

Behind the scenes, Keating has assembled a powerhouse recording band, including Teddy Kumpel on stringed things, Richard Hammond on bass, Steve Williams on drums, and Todd Caldwell on organ and piano. Together, they bring an undeniable energy and soulfulness to Keating’s music, creating an immersive sonic experience that will leave you craving more.

Critics are already raving about “Hard Frost,” calling it an absolute triumph and a work of beauty. From the haunting and extraordinary melodies to the impeccable storytelling, this album showcases Keating at her best. She effortlessly captures the essence of life’s triumphs and tribulations, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

To celebrate the release of “Hard Frost,” Annie Keating is hitting the road again in September 2023 for an exciting UK/Scotland tour. Joined by some of the UK’s finest players, Keating promises an electrifying live experience filled with raucous energy and unbridled joy.

Don’t miss your chance to catch Annie Keating live on her UK/Scotland tour. Visit her website for updates and tickets. Get ready to be blown away by her irresistible sound as she takes the stage with The Annie Keating Band, featuring Scott Warman on double/electric bass, Joe Coombs on guitars, and Jamie Dawson on drums. It’s a musical experience you won’t want to miss.

Join Annie Keating on her extraordinary journey through “Hard Frost” and embrace the authentic spirit of her music. Let her powerful lyrics and captivating melodies guide you through life’s twists and turns, leaving you inspired and moved. Get ready for a musical adventure unlike any other.

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