#BrokenBeats with Izzy Parker


I’m Izzy Parker, and I’ve been contributing to the Broken Spine since summer 2022. I’m a Welsh singer, aspiring community arts manager and amateur music journalist, studying in Liverpool, so most aspects of my life revolve around music in some way!

Hence, I’ve had a fab time over the last year or, so writing about and learning about all sorts of music – thanks to the amazing team at The Broken Spine. My own taste in music is somewhat an amalgamation of things I’ve picked up along the way, I suppose – having parents who worked in the music industry in the nineties, I’ve found myself with an irremovable love for all things indie, but playing gigs in a variety of settings has made me really appreciative of folk and folk rock music.

Sharing new music with friends is also a huge source of help to me, in that, thanks to being surrounded by lots of cool people I’m constantly adding to my library and am constantly consuming music of all genres. This playlist is essentially a shortlist of the songs I’m always quick to share with friends, so I hope readers can enjoy them too!

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