#Review: STARS – Everyman Theatre, Liverpool – 22nd June 2023


Guest Author: Ann-Marie Chatterton

Hilarious, super-talented, yet thought-provoking!

This original play, written and performed by Mojisola Adebayo, had the audience captivated from the opening scene. Adebayo’s talent, not only as an actress, took us on a journey of self-exploration that had us laughing out loud, sobbing, and everything in between. However, it is the magnitude of her talent as a writer that deserves high praise. She fearlessly highlights hard-hitting and taboo topics, including voicing the experiences of young girls who have endured the abhorrent atrocity of female genital mutilation (FGM).

While the advertised afrofuturist space odyssey promises an encounter with Mrs, an old lady searching for her own orgasm in outer space, the play delves much deeper. Gasps were audible from the multicultural, all-age, all-gender audience at the realization of the dangers some females face within their families: sexual abuse, forced and arranged marriages, and the deceptive targeting of vulnerable young girls resulting in FGM.

There were plenty of belly laughs too, especially when Mrs hilariously explores lesbianism with the lady from the launderette. Adebayo skillfully incorporates comedy while addressing sensitive topics, such as the parents of an intersex child faced with pressure from doctors to undergo surgical corrections. Howls of laughter filled the air during the scene where Mrs and her old friend Maxi discuss Mrs finding her husband’s ‘G spot’ up his bum after their weekly session following Britain’s Got Talent.

The play features amazing projected graphics as a backdrop, helping to tell traditional tales, along with an impressive soundtrack from DJ Michael Manners. Though it was a shame that Manners, who is pleasing to the eye, spent most of the play in the DJ booth offset from the stage.

If you’re seeking an evening of pure entertainment with a touch of African mythology and folklore, superb writing that balances laughter and thought-provoking ideas, and exceptional dance music, then don’t miss this wonderful one-woman show running until June 24th. You won’t be disappointed!

Performance Dates: Thu 22 Jun to Sat 24 Jun 2023
Price: £12 – £19
Box Office Details: https://www.everymanplayhouse.com

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