#Review: Craig David, Haydock Races, 24th June 23


Craig David totally rocked Haydock Racecourse on a hot balmy night last Saturday.

This was a sold-out gig at Haydock Racecourse meaning the atmosphere was immense and totally electric from the ‘get-go’.  It didn’t disappoint as it was everything you would expect from a stoic professional singer, songwriter such as David.

Following a smooth and to be honest, quick entry after seamless, yet necessary security checks which did not hold up the racegoers/concert revellers for too long, the evening races put everyone in a good mood, although I think the sun and the drinks may have highly contributed to this too.  

Making our way across to the stage area, it was fantastic to see that David’s music transcends the generations as thousands of fans from babies to baldies were ready to be wowed.  

… and wowed we were!

Revellers bopped the night away to the 42 year-olds chart-topping hits plus, the many covers that he and his wonderfully talented band and backing singers performed for 90 minutes.. David chatted to the crowd and constantly smiled throughout his performance letting us know he was enjoying himself as much and us. 

It is a fantastic venue to host summer concerts. What is there not to love?  An evening of races then dancing the night away making memories with those you love and hold dear.

Set list:

  • Walking Away
  • No Drama
  • The Writing’s on the Wall -Rise and Fall
  • Garage section
  • When the Baseline Drops
  • Cover: Love yourself, Beiber/ Sheeran
  • Remixed with freestyle rap
  • I Just Want to Wnow Who You Are
  • One More Time
  • Show me Love! 
  • Found Nothing Like This
  • Stumbling
  • Fill Me In
  • Aint Giving Up
  • Put My Heart on the Line for You
  • Rock With You by Ashanti
  • Destiny’s Child- Independent women Medley
  • Paradise


  • 7 days remixed with Skrillex and Diplo – “Where Are Ü Now” n- Tune
  • Seven Days


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