Laugh all Night with Alice Bunker-Whitney’s Hilarious Play: Devilishly Good Food – A #Preview of Comedy, Chaos, and Homemade Cakes!


Alice Bunker-Whitney’s quick-fire comedy about two women having the worst day of their lives will have you laughing all night long. 

Get your order in now for tickets to this hilarious play.

Devilishly Good Food is just your average, everyday, normal caff. Regular staff and regular hours for Mandy and Shannon. They need to get the doors open for the customers but there is a bit of cleaning up to do first. Well, a lot of cleaning up really. They’ve just murdered their boss, you see. Things can escalate quickly in the world of homemade cakes and teas. 

A guy has arrived to sell his homemade badges and he just won’t leave. There’s a builder on the warpath and a customer on the footpath. The police are on their way and someone needs to take the fall for this. Their boss is toast and there’s no doubt who’s done it, but will someone save their bacon? 

Tickets can be purchased directly from the box office on 0151 709 4321 however please be aware that there is a strict age advisory 16+ due to  strong language and some violence.

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