Exciting Debut EP ‘We Go Round’ by Liverpool’s Reignmaker Sparks Soaring Indie-Rock Anticipation


Review and Tour Preview: Reignmaker’s Debut EP ‘We Go Round’ – Soaring Indie-Rock and Headlining Dreams

Fast-Rising Liverpool Quintet Reignmaker Delivers Triumphant Debut EP

Liverpool’s music scene is buzzing with excitement as Reignmaker, a fast-rising indie-rock quintet, launches their highly-anticipated debut EP, ‘We Go Round.’ Released through Modern Sky UK, the EP showcases the band’s soaring talent and infectious energy, setting the stage for an exhilarating tour ahead.

A Triumphant Anthem: “We Go Round” Celebrates Growth and Friendship

At the heart of the EP lies the title track, “We Go Round,” a triumphant anthem that celebrates Reignmaker’s journey as musicians and close friends. With their signature blend of swelling indie-rock melodies and buoyant choruses, the track is heady and euphoric, leaving listeners hooked with its potent emotional depth.

Spellbinding Style: Soaring Melodies and Bittersweet Lyricism

Reignmaker’s spellbinding style effortlessly weaves together soaring indie-rock melodies and bittersweet lyricism. “We Go Round” becomes a true representation of their aspiring sound and style, with compelling vocal harmonies and a driving rhythm section that resonates deeply with audiences.

Extended Journey: The Dynamic Tracks of ‘We Go Round’

Beyond the title track, the EP takes listeners on a dynamic journey with two additional tracks. “Thirteen’s Fate” infuses retro rock influences with an infectious energy that further showcases the band’s versatility. Meanwhile, “Interlude” treats listeners to an ethereal instrumental excursion, revealing Reignmaker’s sonic creativity.

A Meteoric Rise: Liverpool’s Beloved Indie Quintet

Reignmaker’s meteoric rise in Liverpool’s underground music scene has captivated fans far and wide. Their music exudes uplifting optimism, fueled by their charismatic scouse personalities and youthful spirit. Praised for stellar singles like “Find My Own Way” and “Stay Behind,” the band has garnered recognition from BBC Introducing and Steve Lamacq, cementing their status as one of the most eagerly-awaited young bands in the North West.

Unforgettable Performances: From Local Headliners to Festival Stars

The recent hometown headline show at O2 Academy 2 was a testament to Reignmaker’s electrifying stage presence, leaving fans buzzing with excitement. Notable performances alongside Jamie Webster at Liverpool’s Pier Head and London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire, as well as packed-out crowds at Neighbourhood Weekender and Liverpool Sound City, have further solidified their place in the hearts of music enthusiasts. As they set their sights on a bigger hometown headline show later in the year, Reignmaker is primed to conquer the festival circuit this summer.

Tour Dates: Catch Reignmaker Across the UK in 2023

Fans can catch Reignmaker live at these UK dates in 2023:

04 – BINGLEY Bingley Weekender
25 – WARWICKSHIRE Camper Calling

14 – LEEDS Live At Leeds
14 – MIDDLESBROUGH Twisterella Festival

An Immersive Indie-Rock Experience: Reignmaker’s Debut EP

For those craving immersive indie-rock anthems, Reignmaker is the band to watch. ‘We Go Round,’ their debut EP, is a testament to their spellbinding style and vision, making it a must-listen for music enthusiasts everywhere. Don’t miss the chance to experience their captivating energy and infectious melodies live on stage this summer!

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