House of Suarez’s Vogue Ball Returns with “The Ball of Conspiracies”: A Night of Glitter, Glamour, and Queer Culture


Hey there, members of the Broken Spine Family! Hold onto your fabulous hats because we’ve got some exciting news for you. The legendary House of Suarez Vogue Ball is making a dazzling return with “The Ball of Conspiracies” for Autumn 2023. This promises to be a night of glitter, glamour, and queer culture that you absolutely won’t want to miss.

Double the Fun: One Ball Isn’t Enough!

The House of Suarez is known for delivering show-stopping Vogue Balls, and they’re back with a vengeance. Fresh from the Euro Ball that took place on the eve of the Eurovision Song Contest final in Liverpool, they’ve decided that one Ball simply isn’t enough. So, they’re inviting you to join them for “The Ball of Conspiracies,” set to take place at their regular stomping ground, the enchanting Invisible Wind Factory.

Conspiracies, Glitter, and Vogue

Now, let’s talk about the theme of the night. Have you ever wondered if the moon landing was faked, if aliens touched down at Roswell, or if Avril Lavigne has a secret twin named Melissa? Well, maybe not, but for this one magical night, we’re going all-in on the glitter, shaking our hips, and indulging in some fabulous make-believe. The Vogue Ball is your passport to a whimsical journey through the wildest conspiracy theories found on the internet, complete with mind-blowing outfits and jaw-dropping performances.

Host Extraordinaire

Leading us through this enigmatic odyssey is none other than the iconic Ricki Beadle-Blair. Get ready to be captivated as our exceptionally talented artists dazzle us with their interpretations of the most outlandish conspiracies out there.

Darren Suarez Speaks

Darren Suarez, the visionary founder of the House of Suarez, shares his excitement: “The House of Suarez is thrilled to present ‘The Ball of Conspiracies.’ In recent years, we’ve witnessed an explosion of thoughts and conspiracies on social media, from the Loch Ness Monster to flat Earthers and beyond. We’re diving into it all, and our runway will be a spectacle of the absurd. After my own TikTok journey, I’m both exhilarated and a bit terrified about the wealth of material the Vogue Ball can unravel with a massive bow.”

Don’t Miss Out

You can bet your glittery stilettos that tickets will sell out faster than you can say “conspiracy theory.” So, don’t delay – secure yours early and join the real illuminati for an unforgettable evening!

Critical Acclaim

As our fellow members of the Broken Spine Family, you can trust the rave reviews:

  • “A glorious mess of identities which doubles up as a killer evening of entertainment.” – Upstaged Manchester
  • “A must-see show…and a highlight of the year.” – Liverpool Live TV
  • “Forget everything you’ve seen on a standard catwalk, because this is ten times the energy. It’s exactly the kind of place you want to be on a Saturday night.” – Purple Revolver
  • “At its best, the freedom that this culture inspires is what makes it so worthwhile. It is empowering, and it stays with you long after you’ve stumbled home.” – Planet Slop

The House of Suarez Vogue Ball

Established in 2006 by Darren Suarez, the House of Suarez is a platform for Vogue Dance and Culture. It gained fame as the organizer of the first Liverpool Vogue Ball event, “Liverpool is Burning,” as part of the European Capital of Culture program in 2008. Since then, the House of Suarez Vogue Ball has become a prominent cultural event in Liverpool’s autumn calendar.

Expanding Influence

In 2014, the House of Suarez ventured into Manchester with its Vogue Ball, earning recognition as one of the five best dance shows by The Guardian. The company continued to grow, even hosting its first event in Leeds in 2022.

Legendary Status

The House of Suarez Vogue Ball earned the coveted title of “Legendary” from the international Vogue dance community in 2014. The evolution of Northern Vogue culture was featured in the BBC iPlayer documentary “Deep in Vogue.”

Nurturing Talent

Since 2012, the House of Suarez has run an Academy in Vogue and Contemporary Dance for emerging artists. They have also provided a platform for young academy dancers and regional dance schools through “Elements of Vogue,” alongside professional voguers.

A Celebration of Fierceness

The House of Suarez Vogue Ball is a vibrant public event that celebrates both professional and community artists. It’s a showcase of choreography, styling, and design with unapologetic fierceness at its core.

Ballroom Culture

Rooted in New York’s black and latinx LGBTQ+ communities of the 1960s, Ballroom culture was popularized by the documentary “Paris Is Burning,” Madonna’s iconic hit “Vogue” in 1990, and the Emmy-winning series “Pose.” Artists, known as “Houses,” compete in various categories in front of judges and a captivated audience.

So, dear members of the Broken Spine Family, mark your calendars and prepare to be dazzled at “The Ball of Conspiracies.” It’s a night of extravagant fashion, queer culture, and fabulous performances that you won’t want to miss. Let’s join the House of Suarez in celebrating the art of Vogue and the spirit of inclusivity!
Photo Credit: Gary Dougherty

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