The Evolution of Spoken Word Poetry in the Digital Age: A Reflection


As the Editor in Chief of The Broken Spine, a publisher dedicated to poetry and prose, and a host of live arts events, I’ve had the unique privilege of witnessing firsthand the remarkable transformation of spoken word poetry in the digital era. Spoken word, a genre celebrated for its emotive delivery of verse, has found new life and vigor amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article, I invite you to join me on a journey through the enthralling intersection of poetry and performance, with a particular focus on the resounding impact of ‘Life & Rhymes,’ a groundbreaking show on Sky Arts. Together, we will explore how digital platforms have become dynamic stages for poets and performers, reshaping the landscape of spoken word poetry in profound ways.

The Spoken Word Poetry Revolution

Traditionally, the heart of spoken word poetry has been its immediate and intimate connection with a live audience. The shared energy, the charged atmosphere, the palpable connection—these have been the defining characteristics of spoken word’s allure. However, when the pandemic thrust poets and event organizers into the unfamiliar territory of virtual gatherings, something remarkable unfolded.

With the onset of digital platforms like Zoom, YouTube, and Instagram Live, poets and artists adeptly adapted to this new landscape. The essence of spoken word, it seemed, could not be confined by physical limitations. Poets across the world embraced technology as a means to continue sharing their art, proving that the spoken word is as resilient as it is powerful.

Navigating the Online Open Mic Landscape

In my role as the host of online open mic nights and as a participant in events orchestrated by the esteemed Black Bough Poetry, I’ve been fortunate to bear witness to the resurgence of spoken word poetry in the digital domain. Online open mic nights, initially conceived out of necessity, have since blossomed into vibrant and inclusive spaces. Poets hailing from all corners of the globe convene to share their voices, transcending geographical borders to create a global community of poets and listeners.

These virtual gatherings offer an unparalleled experience, where one night, you may find yourself immersed in the rhythms of New York City, and the next, transported to the soulful verses of Mumbai. Spoken word’s magic, it seems, knows no boundaries in this interconnected digital world.

The Art of Performance in ‘Life & Rhymes’

In ‘Life & Rhymes,’ the essence of spoken word poetry was brilliantly brought to life. While the show prominently featured the accomplished Benjamin Zephaniah, it was more than a platform for a single luminary poet; it became a stage that showcased a multitude of talented poets from diverse backgrounds.

The show’s format skillfully blurred the lines between poetry, storytelling, and performance, creating an engaging experience where verses transcended the confines of the written word. Zephaniah, a master of spoken word, not only demonstrated its captivating potential but also provided a space for other poets to share their artistry.

In each episode, a chorus of voices took center stage, each poet infusing their verses with their own unique blend of humor, emotion, and timing. This collective effort celebrated the enduring appeal of spoken word, where poetry came to life through vibrant performances.

The inclusive nature of the show offered a platform for a wide array of voices, enriching the world of spoken word poetry by embracing diverse experiences, cultures, and perspectives. ‘Life & Rhymes’ stood as a testament to the universal language of spoken word, showcasing how, in the hands of talented poets, it could transcend boundaries and resonate deeply with audiences across the digital realm.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Among the most remarkable outcomes of the digitalisation of spoken word poetry is its newfound accessibility and inclusivity. Online open mic nights, ‘Life & Rhymes,’ and similar endeavors have dismantled the barriers that traditionally accompanied physical events. Freed from constraints like venue limitations, transportation logistics, and scheduling conflicts, poetry has evolved into a global phenomenon, welcoming poets and listeners from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.

This democratization of poetry in the digital era has fostered a more inclusive and eclectic community. It has amplified voices that were once marginalized or overlooked, granting them a spotlight in the ever-expanding chorus of diverse voices. In this interconnected world, the universal power of poetry shines brighter than ever.

The Future of Spoken Word Poetry in the Digital Age

Looking ahead, it is evident that technology will continue to shape the trajectory of spoken word poetry. Inspired in part by groundbreaking shows like ‘Life & Rhymes,’ the integration of virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive platforms holds the promise of entirely new ways to experience and participate in spoken word performances.

Imagine a future where donning a headset transports you to a holographic poetry reading, surrounded by an audience of fellow poetry enthusiasts from around the world. Picture interactive performances that blur the lines between poet and audience, enabling real-time collaboration and engagement. The possibilities are as limitless as the human imagination, and the future of spoken word poetry in the digital age is an open canvas awaiting the brushstrokes of innovation.


As the Editor in Chief of The Broken Spine, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the dynamic evolution of spoken word poetry in the digital age. The intersection of poetry and performance now thrives in a virtual landscape where geographic boundaries fade, accessibility soars, and creative possibilities abound.

As we celebrate this newfound inclusivity, innovation, and accessibility, we must also recognise the profound impact of shows like ‘Life & Rhymes’ in shaping the future of spoken word poetry. By seamlessly blending poetry, performance, and technology, ‘Life & Rhymes’ stands as a testament to the enduring power of the spoken word. It reminds us that, in the digital age, the ancient art of poetry remains as vibrant and relevant as ever, ready to captivate, inspire, and unite us across the virtual expanse. As we continue to explore the limitless horizons of spoken word poetry, one thing remains certain: the stage is set for poetry to weave its magic in the ever-evolving tapestry of the digital age.

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