Alfie Boe’s Captivating Liverpool Concert: Vocal Brilliance, Heartfelt Stories, and Memorable Medleys! 02.10.23


Alfie Boe, the exceptionally talented tenor with charisma in abundance, graced Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall last night, delivering an unforgettable performance. The acoustically perfect Philharmonic Hall proved to be the ideal venue outside of London to showcase Boe’s immense vocal range.

This sold-out concert on his tour attracted an audience of all ages, all entranced by the 49-year-old star who skyrocketed to fame through acclaimed leading roles in “La Boheme” as Rodolfo and “Les Misérables” as Jean Valjean.

Being somewhat “localish” hailing from Fleetwood near Blackpool, Boe endeared himself even further to the audience by expressing his sense of homecoming in Liverpool and at the Philharmonic Hall, where he had performed numerous times before his career took off.

In a heartwarming moment, Boe deviated from his set list to serenade the audience with his rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” while sporting a Liverpool FC shirt. Surprisingly, even Everton fans joined in, as he emphasized the song’s significance to the city beyond football rivalries.

Throughout the evening, Boe engaged with the audience, humbly expressing his gratitude for the gift of his voice and his desire to share it, evident in his decision to offer lower-than-average ticket prices and encourage audience members to film and take pictures.

Boe delved into his musical influences, rooted in his father’s diverse record collection, explaining his refusal to be pigeonholed and his inclination to cover songs from various genres in addition to performing his original compositions. His love for his family shone through his songs and anecdotes, despite his divorce, as he shared his experiences of parenting and touring.

Boe’s charm, humor, and understated demeanor left a lasting impression, revealing a devoted and humble family man who openly acknowledged his past mistakes and sought to make amends. He also paid tribute to his exceptional band of musicians, with whom he shared genuine camaraderie.

An intriguing encounter during the concert was sitting next to an old friend of Boe’s, a retired priest from Westminster, London, who had known Alfie since he was 18. They formed a strong friendship, united by their Catholic faith, and this friend spoke of Boe’s early talent, determination, and showmanship, which have remained constants throughout his career.

The concert’s highlights included Boe’s breathtaking rendition of “Bring Him Home,” met with thunderous applause, along with his Elvis and Fleetwood Mac medleys.

In summary, Alfie Boe’s concert was a spectacular showcase of his magnificent voice and the mark of a seasoned professional who knows how to entertain at a five-star standard.

Set List: Chittarra, Marechiare, Mambo, Volare, In My Daughter’s Eyes, From A Jack To A King, Father, Bring Him Home, He Lives In You, Greatest Show, Ooh Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas (in G major) Suspicious Minds, Don’t Stop Me Now, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Under Pressure, One Vision, I Knew You Were Waiting, Wicked Game, Open Arms (in A minor), Run, Proud Mary, Everywhere, Go Your Own Way, Don’t Stop.
Encore: Livin’ On A Prayer

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