#IndieLitMagGala: Acropolis Journal – A Rising Star Founded in 2021 Earns Respect and Kudos at in the Indie Poetry Community


In the ever-evolving world of independent literary magazines, one publication has swiftly risen to prominence since its founding in 2021—Acropolis Journal. In a remarkably short span of time, this online poetry and art magazine, under the visionary leadership of Editor-in-Chief Louise Mather, has not only achieved milestones but also earned deserving respect and kudos from the vibrant #Indie #PoetryCommunity.

A Swift Ascent

Founded just a few years ago in 2021, Acropolis Journal has wasted no time in making a significant mark in the world of independent literature. Despite its relatively brief existence, the magazine, led by Louise Mather, has established itself as a symbol of literary excellence and creative exploration.

A Showcase of Dark and Surreal Artistry

What sets Acropolis Journal apart is its unwavering commitment to showcasing the dark, emotional, and surreal aspects of poetry and art. The magazine has become a sanctuary for creators who seek to delve into the depths of artistic expression. It craves pieces that surge with imagery, transporting readers to gothic landscapes, caverns, labyrinths, and the very depths of the abyss. Acropolis Journal yearns for poetry that is born under the full moon, when the crackling darkness turns to dust, and it even has a soft spot for the occasional cat poem.

Respect from Fellow Creators

The deep respect that Acropolis Journal has garnered from fellow creators within the #Indie #PoetryCommunity speaks volumes about the magazine’s unique vision. In a space where artists are constantly pushing the boundaries of expression, Acropolis Journal, under Louise Mather’s guidance, has carved out its niche as a platform that champions the unconventional and the profound.

Kudos at the #Indie LitMag Gala

The pinnacle of recognition came when Acropolis Journal was honored with a nomination at the prestigious #Indie LitMag Gala. This gala, known for celebrating the finest in the independent literary scene, shone a spotlight on the magazine’s exceptional contributions to the world of poetry and art. The nomination stands as a testament to the magazine’s rapid rise and its enduring impact on the literary community.

A Bright Future Ahead

As Acropolis Journal continues its journey, it carries with it the legacy of remarkable achievements and the unique artistic sensibilities of Editor-in-Chief Louise Mather. With each passing issue, the magazine captivates readers and creators alike, inviting them to delve into the depths of creative expression.

While it was founded in 2021, Acropolis Journal has already become a respected and celebrated entity in the #Indie #PoetryCommunity, thanks to the vision of Louise Mather. Its future shines even brighter, and with the support and admiration of its peers, it is poised to continue its ascent as a beacon of creativity and a source of inspiration for years to come.

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