#Review: Europe’s 40th Anniversary Show at The Lowry, Salford – A Night of Revelations and Timeless Connection


As Europe burst onto the stage for their 40th-anniversary show at The Lowry, Salford, the atmosphere was electrifying—yet filled with a sense of nostalgia that only a band of this caliber can evoke. For fans and first-timers alike, this was a night to remember.

The Power of a Live Performance

To be candid, I’d never been a Europe fan—not since that single became a part of my formative years. Leading up to the show, I delved into Europe’s extensive back catalogue – yes, there is one – hoping to be swayed by their other tracks. Truth be told, I struggled. Their songs just didn’t connect with me on record. But experiencing them live? That’s a whole other ballgame.

When you witness a band that has been perfecting their craft for four decades, it’s hard not to be impressed. Their stage presence was undeniable. From the soaring vocals to the intricate instrumentals, it was a display of artistry and chemistry that can only be honed over years of live performances.

Personal High Points and Revelations

Noteworthy moments included their energetic rendition of “Rock the Night” and the unexpected yet deeply moving cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity. These songs weren’t just performed; they were lived. And let’s not forget the joyous, crowd-pleasing encore of Cherokee and The Final Countdown, which could ignite a fire even in the most cynical of hearts.

But what added a layer of personal resonance to the night was experiencing it alongside my wife. She had waited a lifetime to see Europe in concert. Watching her delight as Joey Tempest took the stage, I was reminded of the transformative power of live music. Her face was a fusion of excitement, nostalgia, and a bit of that teenage-yearning—a testament to how deeply music can move us, years after an initial crush.

In sum, Europe’s 40th-anniversary show was not just a concert, but an event—overflowing with skilled musicianship, community, and the kind of high-quality engagement that turns skeptics into believers, even if just for a night.

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