Exploring the Profound Intersection of Sexuality and Spirituality: Twenty Seven – My Poetic Tribute to Jim Morrison


In my collection of poems, Twenty Seven, I embarked on a poetic journey that allowed me to delve deeply into the complex relationship between sexuality and spirituality. These themes are ever-present in our lives, and I sought to capture their intricate interplay through the lens of my poetry. In this blog post, I will reflect on four specific poems from the collection—Night-Time, Lovers, Lovemaking, and Romance Never Far Behind—all of which were written with a particular inspiration in mind—Jim Morrison.

Night-Time: The Sensual Realm of Desire

Night-Time opens the door to a realm of desire where the physical and the spiritual dance under the cloak of darkness. It’s a poem that was inspired by Jim Morrison, a figure known for his intense and often sensual performances. The poem vividly portrays the allure of nighttime experiences, emphasizing both the sensual and emotional aspects of human connection.

I found that the night became a canvas upon which the desires and emotions associated with Jim Morrison’s performances could be explored. The poem begins with evocative imagery, describing “fleshy shadows” and “a slide of curves in pinto light.” These descriptions immediately set the stage for a sensual journey, reminiscent of the magnetic presence that Morrison had on stage.

As the poem progresses, it takes on a spiritual dimension. The transition from the frenzied night to the “sheepskin dawn” implies a shift from the physical to the spiritual realm. This shift is akin to the transcendental experiences often associated with Morrison’s music and poetry. It’s as if the encounters in the poem go beyond the physical, touching upon a deeper, more spiritual connection, much like the kind Morrison sought to create through his artistry.

Lovers: The Fusion of Bodies and Souls

Lovers is a poem that delves into the fusion of bodies and souls within the context of an intense relationship. It was inspired by the passionate and intense nature of Jim Morrison’s performances and lyrics, which often seemed to transcend the physical.

The poem opens by addressing the “lovers” and immediately presents them as participants in a fervent and passionate relationship. The choice of words like “fast with fever,” “shake the walls,” and “feel the splash of music” conveys a sense of urgency and intensity. These lovers, inspired by Jim Morrison’s passionate performances, are not merely engaging in physical acts; they are undergoing a spiritual journey.

As the poem progresses, the spiritual aspect of their connection becomes more apparent. The reference to “a silent stroke of cut-glass stars” suggests that their bond extends beyond the physical world. Stars are often seen as symbols of spirituality and transcendence, akin to the elevated experiences that Jim Morrison’s artistry sought to evoke.

The final lines of the poem, “cease to exist & we make our own time,” underscore the idea that in the act of love, time itself seems to lose its grip. The lovers, much like the inspired performances of Morrison, create their own temporal dimension, one that is free from the constraints of the mundane world. This aligns with the spiritual experiences that often accompany Morrison’s music, where listeners report feeling a sense of timelessness and transcendence.

Lovemaking: Passion and Profound Intimacy

Lovemaking is a poem that passionately explores physical intimacy and the potential for profound spiritual awakening within it. The poem captures the intensity and emotional depth of sexual experiences, which can often carry profound spiritual undertones.

The poem opens with a vivid description of the night, setting the stage for a passionate encounter. Phrases like “iron night/blue shadows” create an atmosphere of heat and desire, mirroring the intense performances of Jim Morrison. The poem delves into the sensory and emotional aspects of physical connection.

The phrase “exploding flowers” and the mention of “darkness reels” evoke a sense of sensory overload and ecstasy. It’s as if the act of lovemaking transcends the physical and propels the participants into a heightened state of awareness. This heightened state is a common feature of spiritual experiences, where individuals often report feeling more connected to themselves and the universe.

The concept of “death thrusts me into light” in the poem suggests that the intensity of the experience brings about a form of spiritual awakening. It’s a reference to the ego’s dissolution during moments of profound intimacy, a theme that resonates with the spiritual aspects of Jim Morrison’s lyrics and performances. The reference to “light” implies a spiritual illumination or enlightenment that occurs through lovemaking, much like the transformative power of Morrison’s art.

Romance Never Far Behind: Spirituality in Everyday Moments

Romance Never Far Behind offers a glimpse into the spirituality that can be found in the everyday moments of love and desire. The poem juxtaposes the ordinary with the sensual, highlighting how love and desire can manifest in the most commonplace interactions.

The poem opens with a description of a domestic setting, portraying a scene of everyday life. However, it quickly transitions to the sensual and intimate aspects of the relationship between the characters, inspired by the magnetic allure of Jim Morrison’s presence.

The line “fire-red cigarette tip / shoulders undressed” suggests that even in the most ordinary of moments, desire and sensuality are present. The choice of the color “fire-red” is symbolic of passion and desire. It implies that love and sensuality are never far from the surface, even in the most mundane situations.

The poem invites readers to consider how the spiritual essence of love permeates even the most commonplace interactions between individuals. It suggests that spirituality is not confined to grand, transcendent experiences but can be found in the everyday moments of connection and intimacy. This concept resonates with the idea that Jim Morrison’s artistry often sought to blur the lines between the mundane and the spiritual, infusing everyday experiences with a sense of transcendence.


In my collection of poems, Twenty Seven, I embarked on a poetic exploration of the intricate relationship between sexuality and spirituality, inspired by the enigmatic presence of Jim Morrison. These poems, Night-Time, Lovers, Lovemaking, and Romance Never Far Behind, reflect the multifaceted nature of this interplay. I hope they capture the intensity of desire, the fusion of bodies and souls, the transformative power of physical intimacy, and the spirituality that can be found in everyday moments of love and desire.

Through these poems, I aimed to shed light on the profound and often mysterious connections between the physical and the spiritual in the realm of human intimacy. Jim Morrison’s influence, with his passionate performances and lyrics, served as a powerful muse for exploring these themes. The result is a collection of poems that invites readers to contemplate the complex interplay of sexuality and spirituality in our lives and the artistry of Morrison that continues to inspire such exploration.

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