#IndieLitMagGala: IceFloe Press – A Beacon of Unity in the Poetry Community


In the vibrant landscape of independent literary magazine, a remarkable event is coming to an end—the #IndieLitMagGala. It’s been a celebration of creativity, diversity, and the power of words, where the unique voices of literary publications from around the world where showcased. Among these voices, IceFloe Press stands as a shining example of unity, sharing common threads with its fellow featured publications.

Diversity as a Common Thread

One of the most striking similarities between IceFloe Press and the other featured publications at the #IndieLitMagGala is their commitment to diversity. Each magazine represents a tapestry of voices, cultures, and perspectives, making the literary landscape richer and more inclusive.

IceFloe Press, under the visionary leadership of Robert Frede Kenter, has always championed inclusivity. It’s a welcoming space where artists and writers from all backgrounds find a home for their work. This commitment to diversity aligns perfectly with the spirit of the gala, where the mosaic of voices on display promises to be a testament to the power of storytelling.

Advocacy for Change

Beyond literary excellence, the #IndieLitMagGala showcased magazines that use their platform for advocacy. IceFloe Press is no exception. Robert Frede Kenter and his team use art and literature as vehicles for change, advocating for important causes like animal rights and social justice. This dedication to using creativity as a force for good resonates with the ethos of the gala, where words and art have the power to inspire action and drive positive change.

A Global Community of Artists

Our #IndieLitMagGala transcended geographical boundaries, celebrating the finest magazines from all corners of the world. IceFloe Press, too, is a global community, fostering connections among artists and writers worldwide. It celebrates the richness of voices from different cultures and backgrounds, mirroring the international spirit of the gala.

Kindness and Collaboration

Kindness is a hallmark of our #IndieLitMagGala, where magazines support and uplift each other. IceFloe Press, guided by Robert’s belief in the transformative power of kindness, reflects this spirit. It’s a space where artists and writers collaborate, share, and inspire one another, fostering a sense of community that extends beyond its digital pages.

A Celebration of Emerging Talent

Both IceFloe Press and the #IndieLitMagGala share a commitment to nurturing and celebrating emerging talent. They recognize that the future of literature lies in the hands of those just starting their journey. The gala, like IceFloe Press, provides a platform for these rising stars to shine.

In essence, IceFloe Press was not just a participant in the #IndieLitMagGala; it’s a mirror reflecting the core values and principles that make this event a celebration of the literary arts. It embodies diversity, advocacy, global unity, kindness, and the celebration of emerging voices. As we anticipate this remarkable gala, we can be sure that IceFloe Press will stand shoulder to shoulder with its fellow publications, sharing in the collective joy of celebrating the written word and the boundless creativity of the human spirit.

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