Kelly Jones Unveils ‘Inevitable Incredible’: A Bold New Musical Odyssey Set to Captivate Audiences Worldwide


Kelly Jones, the eminent UK singer-songwriter, renowned for his compelling narratives and anthemic rock sound with Stereophonics, embarks on a new musical voyage with his latest studio album, Inevitable Incredible. Slated for release on 3rd May 2024 under Stylus Records through Ignition Records Ltd, this album marks a significant evolution in Jones’s illustrious career. The unveiling of the album’s title track gives fans an early taste of what to expect from this groundbreaking project. Listen to the evocative title track now and pre-order the album, available in heavyweight LP, CD, and digital formats.

Inevitable Incredible represents a departure from Jones’s familiar territory, exploring new stylistic landscapes. The title track alone, with its piano-led arrangements and cinematic soundscapes, signals a bold departure for Jones, showcasing his vulnerability and the depth of his songwriting prowess. This album sees Jones primarily composing on the piano for the first time, a journey that began in late 2022 and led to an intense three-month period of creation. The result is a collection of songs that are emotionally charged, brutally honest, and deeply soul-searching.

Recorded over six days at the secluded Ocean Sound studio in Norway, Inevitable Incredible benefits from the stark beauty and isolation of its recording location. The album’s eight tracks offer a profound journey into the heart of an artist who refuses to remain complacent, pushing the boundaries of his musical expression. Jones’s description of the recording process highlights the transformative nature of this experience, emphasizing the impact of the remote setting on the album’s development.

Jones’s career with Stereophonics has consistently delivered hits that resonate deeply with audiences, securing their place as mainstays on radio and arena stages alike. Following the success of their 8th UK Number One album, Oochya!, and the Americana-inflected Far From Saints, Inevitable Incredible showcases Jones’s ability to evolve artistically, venturing into new territories while retaining the essence of what has made his music so enduring.

As Inevitable Incredible gears up for its global release on 3rd May 2024, it stands as a beacon of Kelly Jones’s relentless pursuit of musical innovation and emotional depth. This album is not merely a collection of songs but a profound exploration of the human spirit, encapsulating Jones’s journey into new creative realms. With its blend of haunting melodies, introspective lyrics, and a stark departure from his rock roots, Jones invites listeners into a world where vulnerability meets virtuosity. Pre-order your copy today and prepare to be part of a landmark moment in music history, as Kelly Jones redefines his legacy and sets the stage for an unforgettable sonic experience.

Photo Credit: James D. Kelly

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