Experience Mesmerising Theatre: ‘The Kite Runner’ at Liverpool’s Iconic Venue – A Must-See Adaptation of Khaled Hosseini’s Bestseller


Rating: * * * * *

This was truly one of the most deeply soulful, mesmerising, haunting, and powerful plays to ever be performed in this iconic Liverpool theatre. It remained true to the original novel, sensitively depicting the political and ethnic tensions in Afghanistan.

Matthew Spangler carefully honoured and crafted Khaled Hosseini’s international bestselling novel to perfection with strong direction from Giles Croft.

Before the play began, the audience was entertained with wonderful tabla playing by the super-talented Hanif Khan. This set the tone of the play, set in Kabul, and calmed the excited audience who would usually chatter enthusiastically at this point.

This was a thirteen-strong cast of amazing talent who interchanged effectively between parts. The standout performances, which received well-deserved raucous hollers and applause during the standing ovation, were: Stuart Vincent, who delivered a sterling performance as the complex character of Amir, who was quiet, self-esteem lacking, albeit somewhat cowardly at times. Vincent’s extensive range of raw emotions was so convincing that the audience truly believed in his haunted plight of betrayal and life’s conundrums. He was on stage for the entirety of the play and never faltered on any of his extensive lines. He also switched fluently between English and Farsi. Yasdan Qafouri (Hassan/Sohrab) portrayed his character’s meek subservience expertly, leaving the audience gasping as scenes of his abhorrent abuse unfolded. Superb! Dean Rehman (Baba) was equally convincing in his captivating depiction of a wealthy Pashtun father trying to do the right thing for both his sons despite his obvious moral dilemma.

This adaptation of the play was enormously moving, leaving the audience with a positively unforgettable theatrical experience.

If you wish to be thoroughly entertained by this outstanding tale of friendship, betrayal, and the journey to redemption, then please purchase tickets directly from the box office until the end of its run on Saturday 27th April. You will not be disappointed!

Photo Credit: Barry Rivett for Hotshot Photography

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