Kelly Jones Mesmerises Cardiff with Soulful Performance at The Gate Arts Centre


This week, The Gate Arts Centre welcomed Kelly Jones for an intimate performance on his current solo tour. The concert was a stunning showcase of his new music, with the stripped-back, easy-going format proving to be a resounding success.

The former church setting of The Gate Arts Centre added a profound sense of spirituality to the evening. Kelly’s reflections on the creation of his new songs revealed how they flowed naturally through him, a process that translated seamlessly into his live performance.

The intimate arrangements allowed Kelly’s soul-searching, personal storytelling to shine through, captivating the audience with his sincere and evocative lyrics. Themes of self-discovery, resilience, and personal struggle resonated deeply in the sacred space, making the performance feel especially poignant.

At The Broken Spine, we deeply appreciate Jones’ masterful lyricism, which continues to be a highlight of his work. His new music, characterised by its reflective and introspective nature is far removed from Jones’ Stereophinics heyday and latterly his Far From Saints material. Still, it sits beautifully within his decades-spanning canon. Each song feels like a meloncholic addition, showcasing his growth as an artist while staying true to the qualities that have endeared him to fans over the years.

Kelly encouraged the audience to be fully present and engaged with the music, fostering a unique and immersive atmosphere. This focus on being in the moment, coupled with the soothing melodies of his new work, created an experience that encouraged deep listening and a genuine connection with the music.

The rapport between Kelly and the audience was palpable, with his kinfolk warmly appreciating the new material. The spirituality of the setting, combined with Kelly’s heartfelt performance, made for an unforgettable evening. As Kelly’s tour continues to go from strength to strength, we are already eagerly anticipating more new material. This concert has inspired a new way for many to engage with live music, highlighting the power of being fully present in the moment. Thank you, Kelly, for such a memorable and spiritually enriching experience!

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