Four Forked Tongues: A Short Fiction Anthology – Lucy Aur, Sally Filer, Bethany Lewis & Elizabeth Kemball

Four Forked Tongues: A Short Fiction Anthology is out now.



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Four Forked Tongues: A Short Fiction Anthology is now available.

This anthology of prose, was edited by Editor in Chief Alan Parry; it is the first collection of short fiction to be published by The Broken Spine.

Four Forked Tongues is an anthology of four short stories exploring unreliable narrators, and themes of family, magic, and grief.

In a world where poetry is a curse, and silence is her only defence, Callie tries to find her voice.

The past haunts the present as Meg is forced to return to her childhood home to live with her ageing parents. Can a rupture in time help her to fix her broken life and write a happier ending for herself?

What would you do if spinning a lie meant suffering in silence, but telling the truth meant suffering the consequences? Thea has a choice to make, and the weight of her kingdom is on her shoulders.

Words have weight and silence has a price. How do you tell someone you love them, when all you really mean is you miss them? Four Forked Tongues brings together four new and unique voices in the fiction scene in one captivating collection.

Cover art was produced by Kemball herself.

Advanced Praise

‘Tales of cursed poets, speaking statues, troublesome tapestries and nostalgia for lost love combine in this vibrant quartet, in which the magical pervades the everyday. Each of these four stories, in their different ways, offers witty and assured writing, with flecks of wisdom.’

Richard Gwyn, author of The Blue Tent

‘A blazingly imaginative introduction to four hugely talented new writers, their voices urgent, original, and contemporary.’

Alan Bilton, author of The End of The Yellow House

‘In Four Forked Tongues, four skilled writers spin their stories like silk. Intriguing, surreal and filled with magic, these tales challenge the reader to question what they think they know, to look a little deeper, and to reconsider the art of storytelling.’

Mari Ellis Dunning, author of Pearl & Bone

‘The Broken Spine deliver another exciting publication; this time a collection of four distinctive female writers with compelling, unsettling narratives, where the style and atmosphere of Jeanette Winterson’s writing and Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected potently converge.’  

Matthew M. C. Smith, author of The Keeper of Aeons; editor of Black Bough Poetry

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