Neon Ghosts (Alan Parry), Blue the Green Sky (Stuart M. Buck) & The Mask (Elisabeth Horan) Bundle (Digital)


The Broken Spine has made all three of its poetry chapbooks available as digital publications in this digital bundle.

NOTE: These are the digital editions in PDF format, no physical copies will be dispatched.


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You can now purchase this digital bundle of poetry chapbooks from Alan Parry, Stuart M. Buck, and Elisabeth Horan.

NOTE: These are the digital editions in PDF format, no physical copies will be dispatched.

‘The true test of a folk heroine is her ability to be someone an everyday woman can relate to, can see herself in. It is this common ground with the iconic Frida Kahlo that Elisabeth Huron lays out in The Mask. This collection—written to, for and from one artist to another—is a call for all women (and the men who know how to love them) to discover they, too, live legendary lives.’

– Karen Pierce Gonzalez, Folkheart Press

‘The poems in Neon Ghosts reveal a longing for human connection and an internal struggle between the primal and the domestic. They are poised to take flight, ‘plotting escape – somewhere different,’ – the wide streets of Paris, the America Stuart Davis knew, or Havana, ‘punctured by the lilt of jazz guitars.’ There is a depth of musicality in Alan Parry’s debut, which is concerned with a desire to return to the past, when trees whispered to one another and knots of green and mulberry ensorcelled a small child.’

– Mari Elis Dunning, Author of Salacia

It’s astounding the journey that this short collection can take you on. A mental and emotional rollercoaster, with twists that you could never predict. There are moments of brain bending and exquisite surrealism, that sit perfectly alongside punches of sobering clarity. This book grips you from the first line, and some time after putting it down you will realise it still hasn’t let you go. Just awesome!’

– Casey Bailey, Birmingham Poet Laureate

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