Al Murray: Philharmonic, Liverpool


Al Murray, aka The Pub Landlord is back on tour with his Gig For Victory tour.

Murray, an Oxford graduate and acclaimed circuit and TV comedian who hailed from Buckinghamshire, is best known for his pub landlord persona, which he describes as a ‘know-all know-nothing blowhard who knows the answer to every question even though he hasn’t been asked any of them’ is back to entertain audiences across the UK with his own inimitable slant on observational comedy.

Murray states of his alter ego ‘that when the dust settles and we emerge blinking into the dawn of a new year, the men and women of this great country will need answers – answers that they know they need, answers to questions they never knew existed. And when that moment comes, who better to show the way, to provide those answers, than the people’s man of the people, the Pub Landlord? Steeped in the deep and ancient barroom wisdom of countless lock-ins, the Pub Landlord is there to show the way.Wherever you are, he will come, offering people thirsty for common sense a full pint of the good stuff.

Murray is a supremely talented performer who delivers punch lines so scathing yet accurate, that his performance leaves the audience with aches in their stomach as he delivers side splitting humour from start to finish when he takes the stage.

If you have never seen this comic genius before, get down to one of his shows at a venue near you, however if possible, try to catch him at the acoustically perfect Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

This will be a sell out performance so book tickets early. You will not be disappointed!

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