‘Blue the Green Sky’ – Stuart M. Buck: Upcoming Release

Place your order now for Stuart M. Buck’s highly anticipated third poetry collection, blue the green sky.
Stuart M. Buck is a writer and artist currently living between the UK and Colorado. When he is not creating himself, he runs the fictional online newspaper The Bear Creek Gazette. His art has been featured in several journals, as well as gracing the covers of several books. Stuart likes to cook, juggle, and listen to music. He suffers terribly from tsundoku  —  the art of buying copious amounts of books that he will never read.

Here is some advanced praise for this upcoming collection:

‘Stuart Buck’s poetry is alternately disturbing and in possession of an almost child-like sense of whimsy and wonder, which is a combination so rare, I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed it. His beautiful collection “Blue the Green Sky” demands to be devoured in a single sitting and is sure to leave you pondering its contents for some time after the final sentence has been read.’ – Wilson Koewing

‘Stuart Buck is one of those rare and wonderful writers that I would call a “writer’s writer.” Endlessly enjoyable, Buck’s poetry twists, flips, and contorts narratives and images in ways that are always startling or surprising–how else to describe going from a poem about playing with matches to “wolves and longing / a liquid mess seething through the forest?” Buy “Blue the Green Sky” for that first-read thrill of a writer at their wildest, but also because every subsequent reread will feel as exciting and compelling as the first’ – Todd Dillard, author of Ways We Vanish

‘Stuart Buck’s work has a wondrous momentum – with great delicacy, he writes always toward some infinite destination. In ‘Blue the Green Sky’ each piece feels like a glass carriage, each image a tiny silver piston with a shape that’s wholly unexpected but somehow perfect to move the reader toward a horizon that’s mind-breakingly beautiful and deeply unsettling. He writes with a feather-light touch and cantering cadence that stabs each word deep, and you’ll only feel the longing as you bleed. This is writing to make you remember where you were always going (perhaps you knew as a child, but you’ve forgotten) and to realise that in every way that counts, that’s always been towards the end of the world. We contain it. ‘‘we are all a million dying stars / so that is of some comfort’ Buck invites us to meet the truth with our eyes open, bursting with a bare and naïve love every step of the way ‘‘and this is how i learned to love, upon the letting go’’. It seems inevitable and exactly right that we go down still carrying the kind of hope that’s so fragile you don’t want to look it in the eye in case it runs away – we are the ant ‘carrying little green hope on my back like a bloodstain’ – our animal always yearning despite knowing it is doomed – and that’s what makes this collection so human and so real, stripped of all contrivance and pretense. Buck has a gift for writing personal and cosmic horrors in such condensed, spare phrases that the unspeakable is not just spoken, it chimes like a bell and demands to be heard. This is a collection that will endure, that will always be needed to remind us to look in, and up, at the same time. About this book, too, one can say, as the speaker does in ‘tom waits and an infinite softness’: ‘if you could cry you would cry because my god it is so beautiful and do you promise it will never end?’ – Ankh Spice Poetry Contributing Editor, Barren Magazine

‘In concise and detailed, experimental poems, Stuart Buck takes the reader from a wild trip to Prague, where Kafka peeks in and out of his reality, to a forbidden love in the forest on a backdrop of high school angst. Buck’s words in the poetry collection, blue the green sky, evoke dark thoughts with a splash of idealistic love that can “carry green hope.” The flash fiction, short poems, and crisp language in this book, make you want to start all over again and see what you missed the first time around’. – Christina Strigas, author of Love & Metaxa

‘It’s astounding the journey that this short collection can take you on. A mental and emotional rollercoaster, with twists that you could never predict. There are moments of brain bending and exquisite surrealism, that sit perfectly alongside punches of sobering clarity. This book grips you from the first line, and some time after putting it down you will realise it still hasn’t let you go. Just awesome!’
– Casey Bailey, Brimingham Poet Laureate

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